It was a hot and clammy night. I woke up feeling damp and sticky. I blessed the gods of plumbing whilst I had a shower.


Today was my last day at work for this company. We celebrated with a full fat breakfast in the canteen. It seemed rude not to.


I had the exit interview just before lunch. It was brief. I didn’t feel the need to plant hatchets as I knew it would do no good. Instead I chatted about a few things that I have found infuriating over the years.


I went to a local pub for a meal with a friend. It’s probably the last time I’ll see her, something neither of us wanted to say.


I finished my time at work by having tea and cake with another friend. It seemed the right way to finish the last hour of the last thirteen years.


I handed my laptop and peripherals into HR, wandered down to reception, gave in my passes and keys then walked to the car. That was it. Chances are I’ll never be back.


Loved one and her friend had been wandering around town looking at the slights. We all bundled into the car and I took there for a mini tour. The first stop was the top of the downs. The whole of the weald was laid out before us in wonderful clarity.


Next, we visited a pond. It was a very peculiar colour and very cold. Apparently, it stays at the same temperature all year. An impressive fact but not very picturesque.


We passed by a few chocolate box villages before deciding to stop for a swift beer. We found a country pub and sat in the sun whilst watching all human life pass by. We had a brief chat about the things I’ll miss. This sort of thing will be one of them.


We finished the evening at home with a stir fry. We were all too tired to do anything else.



I’ve not stood on the scales for a while due to being scared of the numbers of truth. I ventured on to them today, it wasn’t a pretty story. I wasn’t the heaviest I’ve ever been but only by a hairs breadth.


There was an accident on the motorway today but luckily I heard about it in  time to go the back route. I had a lovely journey to work dawdling though the back lanes and admiring the countryside. It put me in a very good mood.


I bought a camera for my sister at lunchtime I enjoyed that


I was hoping to avoid it but by the time I noticed that a crowd had assembled it was too late. I was hoping that I would be able to leave without the obligatory goodbye from my manager, small speech and the handing over of a present or two. I’d scoured diaries to see when it would be but they went and did it a day early.


I got home to find another person in the house. This is going to happen more and more over the next few days. We all went for a walk around the local woodlands to work up a thirst and hunger. We even snacked on a few wild raspberries


We dropped into the local pub for a bite to eat and a few drinks. It was a lovely evening. The sky was putting on a spectacular performance whilst village life was laid out in front of us.



The alarm was a bit of a shock this morning. I had to go to work and that involved dragging my carcass out of bed.  I wasn’t feeling as bad as yesterday but still couldn’t face eating breakfast. My ear wasn’t giving me as much pain either but it wasn’t full fixed. I would like to be able to hear out of it at some point.


It was someone’s birthday at work so there was cake a plenty. I broke my fast at about 11 with a cup cake. There were no dramatic consequences.


I had planned to go out for lunch with a couple of colleagues but I was greeted by a mail that told me one couldn’t make it. I went to the canteen with the other one instead. It wasn’t quite the pub visit we planned but it was better than sitting at my desk.


It was still someone’s birthday when we got back so we tucked into the chocolate cookies that they had kindly provided. I tried to convince myself that they were doing no damage to my waistline by eating an odd number of biscuits. An odd biscuit here and there can’t do much harm.


Loved one and I went for a walk round the golf course when I got home. It was too nicer day not to. We spotted a few rabbits, a dead deer and lots of dog walkers. Preparations were being made for the village’s annual scarecrow festival. Assorted themed scarecrows seemed to be popping up everywhere. Some of them where very cute whereas others looked like they were straight out of a horror movie.



I woke in the middle of the night feeling ill. I lay there for a while debating whether to move and hoping that the feeling would go away. It felt like I had foaming acid cheese bubbling up from my stomach to the back of my throat. It really wasn’t very pleasant. In the end I went to the bathroom and sat on the cold floor for a while. Nothing dramatic happened so I fetched a bucket from the lobby and put it by the side of the bed. I felt much more prepared.


I didn’t have to go to work this morning but that was no compensation for the general feeling of being unwell. I’d lost my appetite and that is never a good thing.


I had someone visiting the house for a viewing this afternoon so everything needed hiding away so that the house looked clean and tidy. I was happy to watch loved one do the bulk of the work whilst I pretended to be useful.


It was such a lovely day that we decided we needed to go for a walk. We wandered off over to the fields where I used to take my dog. I’ve not been there for a very long time but it is always nice regardless of the season. Loved one was mentally noting where all the bramble patches were for future reference and blackberry picking.


We visited my parents for lunch. Mum took a lot of persuading that I didn’t have an appetite and that I didn’t feel hungry but in the end accepted that I really didn’t want anything to eat.


I made a bee line for the bed when we got home. I was feeling rough and needed sleep. At least my ear wasn’t quite as painful. I emerged from the cotton cocoon a few hours later feeling a little better. The shower helps but the appetite was still absent.


Loved one ate alone tonight, I just couldn’t face food.



I didn’t have to go to work this morning so I tried to take the opportunity to stay in bed a little longer than normal. My ear had other ideas, it wanted to keep me awake by pulsing pain round my head. In the end, I had a little lie in rather that the massive teenage lie in I’d wanted.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to put some music on a CD for an event. Every time the CD had been tested only the first two tracks played. After a lot of research and much more fiddling about I found the right program to put the music in the right format onto the correct CD. I then played the CD on as many different machines as possible to make sure that it worked correctly. All this made clearing up after last night’s meal a little more entertaining.


We delivered CD to the venue and waited whilst they tested it in their machine. I had no doubt that tracks one and two would work. They have on all previous attempts but I was relieved to hear the next three tracks as well. This was a problem that had taken far too long to solve.


The front garden had been growing with abandon and it was time to get it tamed and trimmed. The creepers on the wall had started to make their way across the cobbles and the weeds in the cracks had been getting thicker and stronger by the day. It was all looking just a little unkempt. We set to with tools and implements of destruction to get everything back into something far more cultivated and less natural.


I’ve suspected that there was an ants nest in the pot outside the door for a while but I’ve never got round to investigating. The rose in the pot has started looking a little poorly so I thought that it was time to repot it. That is when I found the true extent of the ants next and why the rose was a little worse for wear. The earth was riddled with tunnels, chambers and ant eggs. There were ants everywhere and they were no happy with me disturbing their home. I could have poured boiling water over them but instead I relocated them to the flower boarder where they spent the next few hours salvaging and rebuilding. At least I won’t have flying ants outside the front door this year.


My next-door neighbours had invited us round for dinner this evening. They treated us to a home-made fish pie and followed it with individual summer puddings. It certainly filled a hole and was very tasty. The conversation moved to holidays and it was then that I mentioned that I liked Metaxa brandy. Peter had a special bottle of brandy hidden away in a dark recess. It wasn’t Metaxa but it had all the hallmarks of having a similar pedigree. There were plenty of starts on the label and a number of prestigious but obscure awards. This was the real deal. Peter used it mainly to set Christmas puddings on fire. I took a sip, it had that dark raisin taste that I expect a Greek brandy to have. In fact I quite liked it. I wouldn’t want to drink it in quantity as the hangover would be spectacular.


I turned into a pumpkin at ten thirty and had to leave. It was a combination of food, wine, brandy and ear ache that did it.


Lie in

I woke up late but thankfully without a headache. Unfortunately, I still had the earache and that made up for any hangover that I could have had. I couldn’t face breakfast as I was still full from last night but I managed a cup of tea. It tasted odd but at least it was wet and warm.

Car Park

I dropped Pete off at the car park to negotiate getting his car freed and headed off to the ring road. I quickly knew I’d gone the wrong way but carried on regardless. It was a surprise to see Pete pull out of a junction ahead. I tried to hid behind cars hoping that he hadn’t seen me.


It was a glorious day and far too nice to stay indoors. We had a few errands to run and after those we dropped into a pub by a lake. We wiled away the time watching water-skiers zig zag up and down the lake and fair skinned people getting slowly roasted in the sun.


The combination of a late night and an afternoon of outside inactivity conspired together to make us sleepy. My parents were coming round later but we felt we had enough time for a little nap.


I’d calculated how much time the meat needed but for reasons that I’m not entirely sure about I’d taken the weight in kilos as the weight in pounds. The revelation that I should be cooking in metric threw the timings of the meal. I should have put the meat in the oven a long time before I did.


We stalled my parents hunger with guacamole and wine. The tactic worked and the meat turned out to be cooked perfectly. We completed the meal with an Eton mess style concoction. There was no need for the cheese we had in reserve.



I woke in pain, I woke in pain quite a lot during the night but this was the final waking in pain of the night. If there was any doubt that I would be going to the doctors today it was completely eliminated by the pain.


I dropped off loved one at swimming and stayed around long enough to watch people who really shouldn’t attempt fly stroke empty the pool with their thrashing attempts.


I was second in the queue at the minor injuries unit. The man in front had recently had a tendon operated on. He explained that he’d fallen over this morning, heard a snap and had then been in pain. I feel that his injury was worthy of being in front of my ear ache.


I reeled of the sorry tale to the nurse, she then tried to look into the ear. It was completely blocked by the swelling. At this point she said that I needed to see a doctor as I needed something stronger that the spray and she wasn’t able to prescribe it. She made a few phone calls and told me that someone would ring me back within an hour.

Tea Cakes

I went back to the pool to collect loved one. Everyone looked a little shattered after that session, it must have been hard. I lined up in the queue for our regulation after swimming hot chocolate and tea cake. The woman on the till wasn’t too happy with the tea cake, she felt it was a little over done. It didn’t look too bad to me though.  We settled into the post swim snack when my phone rang. I wandered outside where it was quieter and went through the sorry tale yet again. This all resulted in a doctor’s appointment at the big hospital a little later. In the meantime, the woman behind the counter had been overcome with guilt about the over toasted tea cake and supplied another properly toasted tea cake to make up for our non-existent disappointment. We ate both.


We got to the hospital a bit before the allotted time and instantly got lost. Eventually we found the correct room, it was disguised as the fracture clinic. We sat in the empty waiting room, outnumbered by receptionists and waited to be called. It wasn’t long before I was telling another doctor and a trainee the whole sorry tale yet again. They both tried to peer into my ear with the same results as last time. I ended up with a prescription for stronger antibiotics and told that I should feel an improvement within 48 hours. I really wanted something that would work instantly.


The pills were blue, I’m not sure if that is significant


I met up with a group of people in a Thai restaurant this evening. The aim of the evening was to eat, drink and be merry. Everybody round the table had been involved in my adventures over the years and it is entirely possible that I had been a catalyst for them to do things that they weren’t quite sure about. It was a fun evening.


After the meal, some of us went to a noisy pub, it was far too noisy but we stayed there until the others arrived. Then we found that Pete had had his car locked into the car park.


We found a pub more suited to our temperaments. It was here that we managed to drink beer and chat into the evening. This was so much better than the pumping noise of the earlier pub.


We rounded off the evening with a brandy at my brothers.