Most of the tri club were doing the club triathlon this weekend so the numbers on the morning ride were somewhat depleted. This turned out to be a good thing as we all wanted to go somewhere different. That prompted a fantastic ride to Hallet Cove.


We ended up in the usual café and put the world to rights. By the end of the hot chocolate we had plotted the course to a career in medical ethics for one of the cyclists.


I was told that a shark had been sighted along the coast from tonight’s swim. This made me a little unhappy and a few of the others a little nervous to the point of not wanting to do the swim. We reached a compromise. We would gather at the agreed time and see if there had been any other reports. We would also swim along the coast and not round the jetty as planned. That seemed to be the more sensible course of action.


It was a lovely clear evening when we gathered and the sun was slowly making its way to the horizon. I knew that this was going to be a good swim. The shark reports had petered out so we were reasonably happy to swim but not to go round the jetty. We started just as the bottom edge of the sun touched the horizon and the light turned pink. The water felt warm and soft as we started northwards under darkening skies.


A couple followed our progress from the beach, they told us later that a dolpin had come to join us for a few brief moments. None of us noticed, sue thought later that she had suddenly smelt a stong whiff of fish but that was about it.


We turned round and headed back the way we came. The lights on the shore were starting to be turned on to illuminate the sea front. Out to sea the sun had dipped below the horizon but it was still putting on a fantastic light show. Somewhere behind the hills the moon was rising into the clear night sky. A swam along in a world of my own thinking that this was probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing swims that I had ever done.


After getting changed we all gathered in a newly opened café for a bit to eat and a few drinks. It seemed the best way to round off the evening




I had to go for a run today after yesterday’s abysmal showing. I did my morning stretches and then worked up to getting changed and getting out. I felt reasonably good, there was still pain but not as much as normal. I felt unreasonably elated about this, even though it was probably due to the extra days rest. I singularly failed to look for the Koala even though I ran right past the tree she was sitting in last night.


A workman appeared at the door, he was here to replace the water filter. I vaguely remembered that Loved One had mentioned something about the filter but I didn’t recall a time or day. I let him in anyway and he did the required. Loved One needed to pay the bill so we rang her up. That was when I found that the details of the work were written clearly, in her diary, in her bag, at work.


In an effort to avoid doing anything that could be described as productive I set about recoating the outside tables and chairs with timber oil. It is a very relaxing way to spend a few hours. I had a podcast all about making podcasts to keep me company. I am going to make a podcast at some point and whilst I have the time.


I’ve won a competition! I’ve won a movie pass for two for the British Film Festival that is currently going on in town. That made my Friday. We also talked about an extras role that was available but unfortunately, I won’t be in town when they are filming. That would have been a nice thing to do.



I woke up feeling tired. Loved One had to go to work early and I felt that I should support her by getting up to. The mind was willing but the body was engaged elsewhere. I didn’t object when Loved One suggested that I had a bit of a lie in this morning. I still got up just as she left.


I did my morning stretches and then started to ready myself for going for a run. My heart wasn’t in it but it was part of my Thursday routine. It didn’t take much to stop me in my tracks. My watch needed charging. I couldn’t possibly go running without such a vital bit of kit. I put it on charge and mentally made plans to do my run tomorrow. My heart just wasn’t in it today.


After a lot of procrastination, I got on my bike and headed for the bridge of doom. I took the fixie today as I’ve not been on it for quite a while. Riding the fixie is so different to riding the other bikes. There are no decisions to be made about which gear or whether to freewheel. It is cycling reduced to the basics, peddling and steering. I like it like that.


I had strapped a video camera to the front of the bike so I spent the rest of the day editing to produce a short time lapse video of my ride. After playing for an afternoon I looked at the end result and decided it was far too quick. I decided that I would sort that out in the morning.


Loved One and I decided that we needed to go for a stroll before dinner. We wandered over to the linear park to do a small loop. We saw a couple standing by the fence and wondered what they were doing. As we got closer we realised that they were looking at a Koala and her joey sitting on the fence. They told us that she had climbed the fence but couldn’t get over. We stood there feeling a little helpless. She finally climbed down the fence and went started working her way along the way we had come.


A little further up the grass was littered with cockatoos greedily picking up the seeds that had been liberated on the floor by the recent grass cutting activities. We stood and watched for a while wondering if the slightly brown ones were chicks in their baby feathers or old and decrepid birds that were beyond preening.


I knocked up a very simple pasta sauce this evening using only onions, tomatoes, tomato puree and basil straight from the garden. It was really rather tasty. We had it with some spinach and ricotta ravioli. I made short work of demolishing that lot and felt pleasantly full at the end.



I came round slowly this morning. Just as I started feeling like I needed a cup of tea Loved One brought a cup of tea in. This could be the start of a perfect day.


I got up and did my morning stretches whilst Loved One got ready for work. I feel that it is better for me to be up and about rather than lying idly in bed.


I took Gracie the trike for a group ride this morning. It was at a pedestrian pace and took in a whole host of cycle ways that I would have never found otherwise. It ended at a café which is always a bonus.


As I cycled home a lad leant out of a truck window and yelled; “that thing makes it hard to keep a meter”. My reply: “It’s not the machine, it’s my arse that’s the problem”. That amused them and they drove away laughing.


I got home and settled into the minutiae of life: Ironing got done, records got updated and accounts were balanced


A man from the agency rang to tell me that he was seeing a client today who may be interested in my services. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I am quite enjoying my life at the moment and the thought of ruining it by actually working is quite disturbing.


A little later the man from the agency rang back, He sounded all positive whilst delivering the news that although everything went well there was not currently a vacancy at the company. I was quite pleased by this as I can now carry on my blissful life.


We had been invited out for a meal this evening so after a quick turnaround on behalf of Loved One we were whizzing down the road and into a plate of cheese and biscuits and some dip and carrots as a starter. We made polite conversation until the last guest and meal arrived. It was lamb, slow cooked lamb with a mound of broccoli and cauliflower. I happily worked my way through it but had to refuse seconds as I’d eaten far too much of the starter. There was of course enough room for the sweet. My afters stomach is always empty at the end of the main course regardless of how much I have eaten.


I got into a discussion about nuclear power after the meal. That was a bad move as the pro nuclear person was obviously well versed in many of the counter arguments for nuclear power where as I was rather under versed in the anti-arguments. It didn’t help that a lot of his arguments were more diversionary tactics rather than core arguments. Most of these were along the lines of emphasising the dangers of the alternatives rather than the dangers of nuclear. He was very good at concentrating on the immediate consequences such as deaths at the time of accidents rather than the longer-term risk factors. All this was easy to realise on the way home but not at the time when being agued at.


I was so tired when I got home that even going bed was far too much effort.



I got up in the middle of the night to answer the call of the bladder. I walked straight into the wardrobe. I may have woken Loved One up with the noise.


I got up just after Loved One to start my day with my normal stretching routine. I really hope that it is improving my foot but I can’t see any improvement


I went for my massive regular twelve-minute run this morning. I strapped a camera to my head to video it. This did result in a few odd looks from passers-by. Amazingly it was my joint fastest run on this route. I doubt the camera helped.


I tried to make a commentary to go with the video that I made of my run. It took a long time to do something so short. I was sick of it by the time I got to the end of the process so I deleted it.


We had yet more left overs for tea again today. This time it was chicken and salad. It was wonderful. I like this re eating of Sundays dinner. It also appeals to my sense of not wasting food.


Lie In

Neither of us had to get up early this morning and that could only mean one thing: a lie in. It was bliss. The alarms were turned off and I could join the world naturally. As I slowly entered the waking world I realised that Loved One was playing games on her phone. As I had predicted the night before if she didn’t have to get up early she would be wide awake at the normal time.


The local pool has opened for the summer season and we felt the need to go for a swim. The need wasn’t very strong so it took a long time to get prepared. I’d almost forgotten the differences between salt water and fresh water. I suddenly found that I was much less buoyant and that the water was much more treacle like than I was used to. We managed a decent swim but it was hard work.


I had to put the suit on again today as I had an interview in town. This is the second time within five days. That is almost regular.


My interview was in the 20th floor of a tower block. I was left alone in a room to fill out a form but I was distracted by the view. Then I noticed that there was a tower block next door. I wondered if the height of each floor was standard across tower blocks. If it wasn’t it would be possible for one 25 floor tower block to be higher than another 25-floor tower block. Apparently being the tallest is important. This tower block wasn’t the tallest and had moved down the league table since it was built.


I felt that the interview went well. We went through the usual questions that amazingly included the hackneyed old question about strengths and weakness. I thought that question had been replaced years ago but much subtler questions. I had prepared an answer that in any other context would be construed as a humble brag, it seemed to have the right effect.


I was completely exhausted after the interview and went into my after-interview stupor. I sat on the bus and stared out of the window until almost missing the stop. It took a cup of tea, slice of cake and sit down to recover.


Tonight’s meal was left overs from yesterday. The fridge is crammed full of food that needs consuming so I doubt that we will need to do much food shopping this week.



We dragged ourselves out of bed and headed to the beach for a swim. We wanted to start a little earlier so that we could get things prepared for the BBQ. The water was somewhat lumpy and interesting. The swim up the beach was lovely. Swimming into the waves was so much fun. Coming down the beach with the waves behind was tricky as they push me way of course but still fun. I felt we had had a good swim.


Peter came round with his chain saw to cut up a few logs so that someone else could take them. I helped by standing way out of the way and offering no advice whatsoever. Once the logs were chopped he brought the stumps down to size. I was concerned when the chainsaw bounced back into his leg. I was glad he was wearing safety trousers, I didn’t fancy taking him to the hospital, mainly as I didn’t know where it was.


Two of our guests declined our invitation at quarter past twelve. The meal was at one. They were instantly removed from Loved One’s Christmas card list.


Some of our guests had brought platters to accompany the fish, chicken and salads that we had prepared. We sat in the garden and worked our way through the mound of food whilst chatting and passing the time of day in the sun shine. It was all very pleasurable.


Our guests left around five o’clock leaving us to clear up the wreckage. It shouldn’t have taken long but we took a long time doing it. Once it was nearly done we sat on the sofa and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the evening. It was bliss.



I went out for a ride with the Tri Club this morning. I met the rest at the meeting place. There were a few new faces and some of the regulars were missing. We all started off to the buffalo, I should have realised then that I was a little quicker than the rest of the group but I didn’t. I thought the guy in front of me was one of our group. It amused me that he had dropped into an aero position and tried to make some space between us. He failed. After a while I looked back and couldn’t see the rest of the group. It slowly dawned on me that no one at the meeting point had a pink time trial bike either. I slowed down and hoped that the group would catch up. They still hadn’t by the time I hit the main road, I was in tow minds, they could be behind or I may have taken a wrong turn and they were far ahead. We someone on a time trial bike came slowly past me I decided that the best course of action was to race him to the roundabout where we usually regroup. There was no one there, I waited, 5 minutes later the rest of the group started to appear. I felt slightly relieved and slightly embarrassed at the same time. We carried on to the port roundabout where we regrouped. It was decided that we would return via port road. As I was unfamiliar with this route I tried to blend into to group and not race ahead as I wanted.


Loved One and I went to a vegan festival this afternoon. I was hoping that there would be lots of plant based food to give me some new ideas for evening meals. I was sorely disappointed. The most exciting thing there was a vegetable paella and that was cold. I was amused by the Vietnamize food stall that was serving special fried rice with either pork or chicken. There were no takers.


It seemed to me that it was impossible to be a vegan unless you are coved in tattoos, pierced in a variety of skin flaps and wearing hippy clothing. I felt a little out of place. Whilst eating some nachos with refried beans I sat listening to a tattooed man on the stage who was talking about spreading the fact and the truth. Splitting fact from truth worried me slightly. It sounded more like propaganda to me. I didn’t get up to argue, it would have been pointless.


We spent the rest of the afternoon tidying up the garden. We have guests coming around tomorrow so things need sweeping and putting away.


We spent the evening in the kitchen preparing for BBQ with friends tomorrow. More accurately Loved One spent the rest of the evening doing culinary things and I was in a more of a supervisory role whilst sitting on the sofa



I would have liked to stay in bed a little longer today but that was not going to happen. Loved One wanted a lift to work as she had an evening function to attend and we also had a workman arriving at the house at 8 to fit a new wardrobe. I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed at the last moment, putting off breakfast and stretching until I’d dropped Loved One off and returned to the house


Loved one had told me that the workmen would arrive at eight o’clock, then the story changed to arriving between eight and nine o’clock. The workman actually arrived just after nine. I felt I had been cheated out of some sleep.


After a series of phone calls a man arrived to pick up the packing boxes and wrapping paper. That made the garage slightly tidier. Whilst chatting he invited me for lunch in a few weeks’ time. How could I refuse.


I amused myself by trying to fix the irrigation system in the front garden. It was essentially a case of systematically unblocking the nozzles until water came out all the correct places. I quite enjoyed playing around with squirting water.


The man finished the wardrobe and showed me his work. There was one small problem, no hole for the wires for the television on the top shelf. He reluctantly got his tools out and added the hole. All was good. Now all I had to do was fill it with some clothes. I doubted I had enough to completely fill it.


I was right I didn’t have enough clothes to fill the wardrobe. I did, however, have a lot of other stuff and that neatly filled the rest of the available space. I felt happy with my work.



I got up at a reasonable time and went for my massive twelve-minute run after my small twenty-minute stretching routine. I tried to kid myself that is wasn’t quite as painful but it was a hollow thought.


I had an interview to go to this afternoon so I had to get suited and booted. I’ve not worn a suit since my wedding and the ones that came over in the packaging were somewhat creased. The only option I had was to wear my wedding suit. I was mildly annoyed that it still fitted me, I was hoping that it would be a little on the baggy side indicating that I had lost a little weight since then.


A while ago I had the idea of applying for an extras agency to see if I could get any film work. The idea of being “person in crowd” appealed to me. The first requirement of the application was a head and shoulder picture and a full-length photograph. I had some time to spare and I was dressed up so it seemed a good time to play with the camera. I am now the proud owner of a whole series of appalling photographs of myself. Hopefully there will be a casting call for a horror movie soon.


I went into town on the bus, I felt a little out of place wearing the suit but it soon became evident that I was treated in a completely different way. It was almost as if I had some sort of authority. I know some people say that clothes don’t matter, they are demonstrably wrong


I got into town in good time so I headed to the square to sit on a park bench, listen to a podcast and to watch the world go by. I don’t like rushing so I don’t rush. I like to feel at peace before going into interviews.


The lift took me to the fifth floor where I met with Simon. This was an initial interview to find my motivations and desires so it wasn’t exactly high pressure. I needed to make a good impression as I am asking them to sell me to other companies. We went through all the usual questions and I did my usual act of pretending to be a professional. I hope I pulled it off. I left the building an hour and a half later feeling drained.


My phone rang as I left the building, it was another agency. I spent the next half an hour or so answering all the same questions. The call ended up with arranging an interview for Monday. If thought I felt drained after the interview, I was now empty. I needed a stroll. Even finding the bus stop was too much effort.


I was surprisingly hungry when I got home. All I wanted to do was sit and eat. This was thwarted slightly by the complete lack of anything readily available to eat. Preparation was beyond me. Instead of eating I sat on the sofa and slipped into a semi-conscious stupor. I stayed in that state for most of the evening.