I had a truly horrendous night’s sleep last night. I kept being woken by the blind banging against the window and the door creaking. I wasn’t awake enough to do anything about it but I wasn’t asleep enough to not hear it. Then at some stage during the night I fell out of bed. This did not improve the situation. I was not in a good mood when I woke up. All I wanted to do was catch up on my sleep.


I met a friend in the park and settled in for a day of literary discourse. We were at a writer’s week event and the next speaker was, I was told, the star attraction. I was much more interested in the audience. There were a lot of “ladies of a certain age” who obviously had a lot of time for consuming books and dressing themselves in flowing clothes.


We had lunch at the boat house, we managed to arrive before the crowds so that we could get a table. Over a lunch of egg flan and salad we discussed the bodies in the river and swimming challenges.


We returned to the festival for an interview of an author of a book about a family reunion. I may have drifted off to sleep during that talk.


I was brought back into the real world by my phone ringing and the looks of disapproval from everyone around. I wandered over to an obscure corner to take the call, it was about the possibility of work. I arranged to ring back the next day as I couldn’t go through all the looks of distain again.


Loved One had had a terrible day at work, her colleagues seem to be taking her for granted and are trying to rearrange things to suit themselves without referring to Love One. There are ways of doing this sort of thing and the way they are going about it is the wrong way. We had a chicken schnitzel and talked over the problems


We went into town for a show. We noticed that another show that we wanted to see was on immediately afterwards so we bought tickets.


The first show was a stand-up comedian. We sat in a packed tent and laughed along with his observations and jokes. It was probably the best show that I’d see so far.


The next show was much sillier and the audience was very different. It was two men shaping their genitals into different “characters”. It was all very puerile and entertaining.


We caught the bus home, it was a long way past my usual bed time and I knew in my heart of hearts that I wouldn’t be going cycling early in the morning.



Lie in

For the third day in a row we had a long glorious lie in. Neither of us had anything pressing that needed doing today so we took full advantage and stayed in bed until the effects of three cups of tea forced us out.


We tidied the freezer today to see what was lurking in the dark corners. It turned out that there was quite a lot lurking. After reshuffling everything we realised that we would not have to do too much food shopping this week


We still needed a few fresh things so we wandered over to the shopping centre for a few bags full of food. At least one bag was full of cat food. I think that the cats should learn to buy their own food.


The hall tiles are succumbing to a miniature version of plate tectonics and this has resulted in the formation of a small mountain range just outside the bathroom door. We had a man round to access the damage. It is always a pleasure to watch a professional at work. He quickly accessed the extent of the problem and gave a quote to fix it. He will be back in a few days


Once the man had finished his work he and Loved One exchanged local gossip. This is a small town and as far as I can work out, everyone is just one degree of separation from everyone else.


I had my weekly frustration session this evening. The pace of the German class is somewhat slower that I’m used to and the people in the class are struggling with the level. The main problem though is that I’m just not speaking enough in the class.


Lie in

We woke late, we hadn’t intended to, it just happened. Arrangements had been made last night to go swimming in the morning. Times and places had been mentioned and we were now getting close to one of those times.


We met the other 10 o’clock swimmers in front of the surf club. I’d met Pete before so we stood there and chatted until it looked like no one else was going to turn up


The consensus was to swim to the point and back. I kept quiet. I wanted to swim round the rocks after going to the point. In fact, there was no way that I wasn’t going to do that. I reached the regrouping point first, mainly because I hadn’t noticed that Loved One had had trouble with her goggles. Everyone else had so they stopped to help her. When we were all together I mentioned that a swim round the rocks would be nice. Slowly the entire group acquiesced


Pete had gone on ahead. As we reached the rocks we could see him standing on top. He waited for a suitable wave before diving into the water.


After getting shower and changed we joined the others in the surf club for a cup of tea and a chat. This is when I discovered that Pete was a sugar zealot. He had cut out sugar from his diet and lost weight and now he preaches from the book of no sugar. It was obvious that a lot of people had heard his sermon before as they either glazed over of shuffled away. I felt that some of the things he was saying were a little incorrect but I didn’t have the reference material or the will to argue.


We when back to the house to eat breakfast food. As it was mid-day we weren’t sure if the meal was called breakfast as it was our first meal of the day or Lunch as it was at lunch time. It certainly wasn’t brunch as that is a lazy name of a meal that shouldn’t exist.


The drive back to the city was completely unremarkable and this time because of our late breakfast, unpunctuated by a bakery stop


It may have been the swimming or the drive but both of us were tired when we got home. We felt that even though we had had a lie in this morning an afternoon nap was required in order for us to fulfil our evening plans.


There had been a weekend of motorsport in the city and it ended with a concert given by someone I have wanted to see for a long time. I had heard that his performances were world class. He didn’t disappoint. We left the concert feeling entertained.


Lie in

Normally both of us have places to be on a Saturday morning but today was different. We didn’t need to set the alarm or leap out of bed. Instead we could just lie there and enjoy the luxury of not doing anything.


The drive down to Goolwa was unremarkable. The scenery was much browner than I had ever seen it


We had signed up for a swim race as had the rest of the swimming fraternity. We all met on the foreshore to register and chat. This race was unusual in that it started in the middle of the afternoon instead of the morning.


From the shore the water looked calm but out in the thick of it there was enough of a swell to make things interesting. I started behind the fast ones in the hope that I wouldn’t be caught in the melee but it still got a little bit like human soup by the first buoy.


The second lap was much better that the first mainly because I wasn’t surrounded by flailing swimmers. I relaxed into it and went on my merry way. Had I known that Roman was just a few seconds in front I may have tried a bit harder.


Roman beat me by 12 seconds, it’s the first time this season but that was little consolation.


I didn’t trouble the podium but I did pick up a voucher in the random draw, that made up for being beaten by my arch rival.


We went back to a friend’s house for dinner. It was the sort of meal were everyone brings a plate of food. Loved One did a lentil and walnut salad whilst I provided a bowl of hummus. The others brought along some ratatouille and another salad. It all mixed well with wine an conversation to make a lovely evening.


The creeping tiredness slowly engulfed my body until I couldn’t stay awake any longer. I made my excuses and went to bed. I fell asleep quickly and was only woken by loved one talking about the cats in her sleep.



I got up and a little later than silly o’clock and felt nothing like going for ride. I did need to visit the toilet though. As I was up I forced myself not to go back to bed and got changed instead. Within minutes I was heading slowly to the meeting point.


There were four of us on the ride. The intention was to do the usual route, down to the coast and head south. We started out with myself and Gary on the front setting the pace. I thought we were doing quite well but after 10 minutes there was some chat from behind suggesting that we should relinquish the lead. Then Mike came storming past. I call him erratic Mike. He loves to be in the front and push on but he is neither smooth or consistent. Sometimes he disappears up the road and most of the time he blows up. We just let him go and then slowly reeled him back in. This was very much the pattern of the ride up to the point where erratic Mike blew up and we just carried on at a steady pace. Mike got to the café a good 5 minutes after us.


The coffees were being served when a few of us noticed a scooter mount the pavement and drive between the wall and the bike racks. He grabbed the last bike leaning against the wall, put it over his shoulder and sped off down the road. Consternation ensued. Two of the lads jumped into a car and some of the fast boys leapt onto their bikes in an effort to track the thief down. Those left at the café rang the police to report the crime. 10 minutes later one of the fast boys returned with the bike. He had caught up with the thief whilst he was attempting to dismantle the bike and put it into a bike bag. This was not an opportunistic crime. The fast boy had suggested with menaces that he might like to return the bike. The thief fled.


I waited for the call that never came. I’d hoped I’d be called for interview bit that hope was not enough. It did though overshadow my day. I doubt I was further than a meter from my phone and that is unusual for me. I have been known to put my phone in a drawer and only realise a few days later.


Loved One had been on a course all day, learning to save lives and other useful things. We met in town at the place where lovers and friends meet. From there we took a stroll down to the river to see what was going on down there. We selected a show on the recommendation of a young girl behind the counter and then went hunting for food and drink. We tracked down a beer, a wine and a box of nachos. We took our prizes to a bench, sat down and talked to the couple next to us about health and safety whilst watching a stage hand break all the rules whilst hanging a lantern.


The show was a play about autism, we didn’t know that before we went in. It took a while to work out what was going on but eventually the threads came together and it made some semblance of sense. It was still quite challenging to watch and not the sort of thing I would deliberately choose to watch.


The next show was all about a man’s attempts to learn to dance swing. This was a lot more entertaining and a lot less challenging. We came away amused and happy.



My toe was still swollen and purple this morning so going for a run was out of the question. This didn’t make me feel like getting out of bed. I decided that I would go for a swim instead but going early in the morning was not in my psyche. I had some breakfast instead. This guaranteed that I wouldn’t go for a swim for at least a few hours.


I spent the morning dealing with the trivia of life to try and hide my frustration of not going for a run.


There was a blue tongue lizard in the hallway. I am fairly sure that the cats were responsible but they managed to sneak it past me. It didn’t look damaged, in fact, it looked very annoyed. I put it on the dustpan whilst it attacked the brush. I put it in the front garden, away in a place away from our cats but not necessarily safer for it.


I went for a swim this afternoon to make up for the lack of running this morning. The pool was almost empty and I had the luxury of a lane to myself. I decided on the way there that I wanted to do some slow, long repeats with a short rest between each block of swimming. I thoroughly enjoyed the swim. It wasn’t particularly quick or pretty but it was lovely in a mindless sort of way. The man in the lane next to me had just completed a challenge that involved swimming an insane number of meters in a month. He was talking to the life guard about it. I guess that they would have seen a lot of each other during the last month.


I got a call from a recruitment agency asking me if a vacancy they had on their books. It’s nice when this happens as it requires very little work on my behalf.


Loved One and I headed into town for another show or two. We started with a stand-up comedian. He was American and unfortunately a lot of the things he talked about didn’t translate very well. Some of it was fun but only a little bit was actually funny. The second show was the one that we had come for. This one had been recommended to us by at least three different people so we went in with high expectations. We weren’t disappointed it was excellent.


The first bus home was full and only let people off. This lead to a further wait and allowed Loved One to nip into a nearby pub to release the pressure that had built up over the last few hours. The next bus had one or two free seats so we didn’t have to stand.


The tiredness of the day hit me on the way home and by the time I crossed the threshold I was a dribbling wreak ready to fall asleep. I managed to hang my towel and trunks on the line before the need to lie down became all consuming. I don’t even remember lying on the bed.



It was windy outside but at least it wasn’t raining. I struggled out of bed and headed off to the meeting point for this morning’s ride. For some reason my Garmin was having trouble finding satellites. I thought it was just tired. The fast guys led us down the highway whilst the rest of us sheltered behind. However, the moment we started heading northwards the speed got even higher and I was shelled out the back. It wasn’t my finest hour. I cycled back to the café with Trevor. The wind made us feel like we were proper fit cyclists.


I took Gracie the Trike out for the Wednesday slow ride. It all went well until I got to the park. The cycle path was closed and with it any chance of getting to the meeting point in time. I turned around and headed home. There wasn’t much more I could do.


I had lots of things that needed doing this morning and lying on the couch was not one of them. I woke around midday and immediately regretted closing my eyes. I now had a days’ worth of stuff to do in half a day. I would be cutting corners.


I needed to go to the shopping centre to pick up a few bits. I drove there because I was feeling lazy. I realised that walking was going to be a little tricky as I stepped out of the car. As I was walking to the shops I realised that running was also going to be tricky. I feel that I won’t be running until the swelling goes down.


We went to a Simon and Garfunkel tribute band tonight, although band is probably a very grand way to describe two men with guitars. Loved One and I both enjoyed it, unlike the two young men who sat stock still and emotionless at the front. It’s a rare skill to sit that still and appear so empty when there is music is playing. I thought I saw one tapping their finger but I was mistaken.


I’d left it until the last possible moment to renew my insurance, I always do this because I dislike the world of insurance. As always it wasn’t as simple as it should have been. It wasn’t helped by my bank card being declined for no apparent reason what so ever.


I wanted a beer to get over the trauma of purchasing insurance but I had a cup of tea instead.



I woke in the dark with a pain in my stomach. It forced me to get out of bed and go to the toilet. It was then that I found I was a little loose. An hour later I was back in the smallest room for a second time. An hour later I was back again. I felt that my plans for running and swimming today will be shelved.


I felt a little better by midday but any desire to actually to anything physical had well and truly left me.


I wind the clocks on Tuesdays and for one of the clocks this means climbing onto the bench to reach it. I do this every week. This week however was different. My left foot slipped and I heard a crack. It didn’t sound nice. Over a few minutes my little toe became very badly named and turned a very blotchy purple. The pain told me that something wasn’t right. I had two choices: ignore it or apply ice and stuff. I went for the first option. It’s my default position.


I limped to a show this evening. It was a tribute to Amy Winehouse and was very good


When we got home Loved One took my treatment into her own hands. There was ice wrapped round my toe and anti-inflammatory pills were placed in front of me.


Lie in

We couldn’t have an epic lie in this morning as we had things to get up for. I made do with a mini lie in instead. It was better than no lie in at all.


We had a meeting with the finance man today to review the current situation. It all looked rather reasonable.


We had a dash round the supermarket to pick up a few essentials like walnut covered spicy buns. There were some green things as well.


We decided to be a little decadent and had a take away curry for lunch. The chicken tikka masala was a stage, the Lamb Rogan gosh made up for it.


A large meal at lunch time does rather write off the afternoon. I tried not to fall asleep by doing some filing. Most of the superfluous stuff was filed in the bin. I may regret that in years to come.


I went to my German lesson this evening and again I found it very frustrating. One part of my frustration was with the woman at the front who insisted on going on at length in English about any subject that she had some knowledge of. This week’s topics were bottle sizes and railway gauges. The other source of frustration was the teacher getting a basic point of grammar wrong. The fact that this was the subject of the lesson was not lost on me.



I came round regretting drinking so much last night. I felt hazy and a little ill. I could have quite happily stayed in bed bit we had both signed up to do a swim this morning. I tried to be cheerful about it but I was making a very bad job of it.


Loved one was in a relay whilst I was doing an individual event, it worked out that we would be starting at about the same time. The swim southward was fun. Soybeans bargains the wave and wind and needed a bit of muscle to push on through. Once the field had sorted its self out and I was free from kicking and punching I started to enjoy it.


Going north was a dream, the current and the wind worked together to make me feel like a better swimmer than I was. Then I noticed the life savers gesturing for me to straighten up. I thought that I was going in a reasonably direct route. They kept waving. they wanted us to leave the water. All around people were headed for the shore. There is only one reason for this.


Everyone was daily philosophical about the situation. A shark had been sighted but the helicopter had to refuel so it couldn’t monitor its movements. None of us particularly wanted to end up as a starter to a seal main course.


After getting home, showering and eating I took a little nap, I worry that this is becoming a regular feature of my life.


My next-door neighbour has just bought a new bike. The problem was that There was an unidentified rattle that he couldn’t find. He brought it round for me to have a look at as he knows I have the tools and the knowledge. I don’t think he realised he got me out of bed. It didn’t take long to get to the source of the problem bit it took a lot longer to get the adjustment just right.


We had fish and chips for tea tonight as neither of us could be bothered to cook. It was a nice evening so we ate outside. A few beers rounded off the day nicely.