I opened my eyes and it was morning. Loved One was beside me but I had no memory of her getting into bed. I lay there for a while listening to the noises coming from the street.


Our hosts made us eggs and bacon for breakfast this morning washed down with gallons of tea. It was a wonderful way to start a day.


We joined a free tour of the city, two young girls dressed in green tee-shirts emblazoned with “I’m free” waited at the meeting point. The other clients were sheltering from the rain under the nearby stairs. One of the girls led us around the sights and buildings of Sydney giving us a short explanation at each stop. It gave us a wonderful overview but I was surprised that she didn’t know who William Bligh was. Then again neither did anyone else in the group.


We passed a bakery on the way home and thought that a pie for lunch was a good idea. It was odd that none of the goods had prices on them and we found out why when we sat down. They were probably the most expensive pies in the world. We left and had some soggy greasy chips instead.


We went on a cruise of the harbour this evening so that we could see the lights of vivid Sydney. The cruise included a meal and it seemed that some of the other guests were determined to eat their bodyweight in the frankly mediocre food. We speculated on people’s ability to gather “free stuff” and then throw it away.


The light show projected onto the buildings was absolutely amazing. The centre piece was the projection onto the opera house although the harbour bridge did its stunning best.


It started to rain when we got off the boat although you would have thought it was sulphuric acid by the reactions of people. We watched from the cover of the quay side as the rain beat down forcing everyone to make the choice between getting we or taking cover. Most chose cover.


The railway station was full of refugees from the rain steam in gently and held at the barriers to stop platform overcrowding.


We found our hosts watching television. They gave us instructions on how to shut down the system that seemed more complicated than the conduction of a flat pack wardrobe. I failed to follow the steps correctly so part of it stayed on all night.




I was woken by a dog barking. Actually, I was woken by the sound of a dog barking coming from Loved One’s mobile phone. It wasn’t the best thing to be woken by.


As tradition dictates we had a glass of something alcoholic at the airport whilst waiting for the plane. We had some eggs on toast as well


We had our second breakfast on the plane. It was a bowl of cereal that came prepackaged with far too much plastic cutlery. It was followed by a tepid cup of tea that had had all the joy pulled out of it.


We had to use the train to get to our hosts house. This involved a lot of consulting diagrams that summarised summaries to the point of giving pink information of any use. We resorted to asking a man, this was much more successful and we came away armed with a prepaid card that would make life easier for us.


We had to walk over the bridge. It is after all one of the two iconic land marks of Sydney. It was obvious that the local authority wanted go discourage the use of the bridge for statement suicides. The walk way was covered and security staff were posted at strategic points. Some one would have to work very hard to avoid these precautions.


We visited the bridge museum in one of the towers. This let us get to the top of the tower and look out over Sydney harbour, the museum was full of interesting nuggets of information most of which I forgot instantly


We meandered through the rocks area down by the harbour. The weekend market was in full swing with traders selling all the usual things and claiming them to be unique.


We found a little micro brewery tucked away in the corner of a street. As they did a tasting paddle it seemed rude not to drop in. Three of the four were lovely big there always has to be one did.


Our hosts took us to their local pub for tea tonight. I declined the stake due to personal reasons but the others seemed to enjoy it even though their orders got mixed up.


We finished the evening by emptying a half full bottle of brandy or as I know it, sleepy juice


I don’t remember going to bed.



I had to get to work a little earlier today for a stupidly early meeting that wasn’t early for some of the participants due to times zones. This meant that I would have to leave the house at the same time as Loved One. We went through our morning routines and found that luckily, we did our morning tasks in different order.


I sat on a not quite so full bus and realised that I would get to work far too early. There were also less suits today, I guessed that there had been a widespread adoption of dress down Friday.


I felt strangely out of place wearing a suit in an office full of people in casual dress but I like to stick to my school uniform policy of having a set of clothes for work as it takes the decision making away. That is worth a little discomfort.


I spent the nearly all morning in meetings. Sometimes I was listening in, other times I was trying to participate. I even managed to be useful in one my imparting some wisdom earned in a previous job.


I had a few hours in the afternoon to attempt to make my laptop work. I had one minor success bit on general it was just the same as the rest of the week. I left my laptop with a colleague along with all my password, completely ignoring all the security requirements. I’m hoping that it will all get sorted whilst I’m away next week.


This work thing is affecting my tea system as I’m drinking much less that usual. I tried to address this when I got home my drinking many cups.


We had a dinner of left overs from last night supplemented by a container of butter chicken. It was a strange but tasty dinner.


Loved One and I pack in different ways. I quickly throw some stuff in a suitcase in the certain knowledge that I can buy things I’d forgotten whilst Loved One creates a mental check list of tasks that need to be done whilst putting items in the bag. Packing takes Loved One a lot longer than me.


Having one hand makes washing my hair tricky so I asked Loved One to wash it for me. This was a luxurious experience.


As we had an early start in the morning we should have gone to bed early, we didn’t



Despite asking for the phone people to ring in the evening they rang first thing in the morning to attempt to fix my phone problem. They failed.


My morning consisted of meetings and more meetings. I was fed up with meetings after that lot and just wanted to find a corner to hide in.


I had another attempt at getting my laptop sorted out. This resulted in the second line support person not ringing me as he promised. I felt ignored.


It started raining on the way home so I had to deploy the umbrella. This was the little emergency umbrella as the big one had been wrecked in the wind a few weeks ago. It felt stupidly small and I was glad it wasn’t raining too hard.


I got in and made a bee line for the kettle. I needed tea and I needed it now. I had it with a large slice of bread and jam to go with it as I’d not eaten all day.


I got another series of calls from the phone company this evening that yet again failed to fix the problem


Loved One had invited her son and his girlfriend round for tea this evening. Loved One had prepared chicken and peach nectar and served it with mash potatoes, carrots, broccoli and spinach. It was lovely. We followed it with a plum crumble. That was good too. I spend the rest of the evening feeling just a little bit full.



For the second time this week I got up, drank a cup of tea and did half an hour on the bike trainer. This time the cadence senor was working. I tried to do my normal threshold set but it soon became obvious that I was a lot more unfit than I thought I was. I was dripping with sweat and aching by the end of the session.


I sat next to a very large man on the bus today. His bulk left very little room on the seat for me. I tried pushing against him but he was far too solid to move. It was just uncomfortable, I hope he paid double for taking so much of the seat space.


My first task of the day was to ring the service desk to get my laptop working. After a long wait they were their usual helpful selves and managed to do absolutely nothing to progress the issue forward. It’s getting very tedious


I spend most of the morning in meetings trying to absorb as much as possible. I felt I got to the point where if I was told another thing my head would explode.


A whole gang of people decided to attack my laptop whilst I was in a meeting. I got the feeling that they didn’t believe that I was having problems. They believed me by the time I got back to my desk.


I discovered that I’d been giving people the wrong number for my mobile, I had managed to transpose two numbers and had given everyone a number of a woman in a different state. This might go some way to explain why people hadn’t rung me back.


I got home to an empty house, made myself a cup of tea and sat outside paling with the cats. Loved One was going to training tonight, at least that was her intention, I got a call to say that she was coming home as she had had to work late. She was not happy.


We had the last of the left overs tonight, it made making tea quick and easy. We both needed quick and easy tonight as we were both tired.



Loved One and I got up together this morning. This is the first time since I moved here that we have had to get up from work together. As I was leaving a little later than Loved One I set about cleaning the kitchen so that we wouldn’t come home to a mess. It was a small price to pay for an early night.


I was working in town today so I had to take the bus into the city. I’ve never got the bus during the rush hour so it was a bit of a surprise to see so many people at the stop. Normally it is only me. I was a little underwhelmed when a couple of busses flew by displaying the message “full – not stopping” I’d cut it quite fine and not getting on the first bus guaranteed me being late.


The first meeting of the day was over coffee with the team. The coffee shop actually served a reasonable cup of tea. It was served in a pot with a jug of milk on the side. This was a step up from the milky efforts from yesterday.


Whilst I was out with the tea the phone company rang. They have a strange concept of evening. I sent them another “CALL ME EVE” message but this time I didn’t snigger.


I had to call the service desk again as my laptop was still being as effective as a brick. They promised that someone would get back to me. I didn’t hold my breath.


I had meetings for most of the morning all of which were trying to fill my brain with even more information. It was getting scary, there was so much to remember and so much history to learn.


I called the service desk yet again with exactly the same results. At the moment it’s an annoyance but it is going to become a problem very soon.


I felt washed out by the end of the day and I was thankful that there was a half full bus at the stop waiting to go. I got home just after Loved One. We had a cup of tea and discussed out days whilst we played with the cats


We had tacos for tea, it was quick, easy and tasty. Tonight though, we cleared up after dinner.


We had another early night, this is starting to get regular and possibly not early.



I started the day with a session on the bike trainer. It was cold outside but I was soon running with sweat. My poorly arm made getting comfortable on the handlebars tricky but I felt that I was getting some benefit from it.


Loved One make scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast, Eggs for breakfast with a large mug of tea is one of the most glorious of simple pleasures.


Loved One gave me a lift to work this morning. The office I needed to go to was just up the road and well within walking distance but it was nice to be driven there.


I started my induction with a disgusting cup of milky tea in the café whilst the person whose role I was taking over started telling me all about it. I felt a little daunted by the depth and scope of the role as it’s very hard to pick up every detail in a brief chat


Whilst I was away from my desk the phone company rang about the problems I was having with data on my phone. The gave me the option of requesting and evening call by texting them “CALL ME EVE”. That made me snigger.


Much to my surprise a laptop arrived, I wasn’t expecting that to turn up for a few days. There then followed the long process of trying to make it do useful things. This proved very difficult and resulted in a couple of very long phone calls to the service desk that resulted in absolutely nothing working. It was a little frustrating


After a day of being stuffed with information I walked home trying not to shake my head in case all the information fell out.


I got home and raided the fridge, it dawned on me that I’d not eaten since breakfast and I was suddenly very hungry. Luckily for me there were a lot of left overs hiding in the fridge. They weren’t hiding well enough. I put some ingredients in the bread machine before leaving the house so that we could have some fresh bread this evening


The class seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Tonight there were only fiver of us. I don’t mind as it means we get more time from the teacher. The annoying man was one of the five and still annoying. He has a sort of arrogance about him that makes him feel he is exempt from home work and can just wing it in class. I find this attitude very annoying indeed.


For some reason the bread failed to cook properly. Instead of a nice warm loaf the machine produced a horrible warm brick.


We had left overs for tea. We had a lot of left overs. Loved One had also made an egg and bacon flan for me to have for lunch over the next few days.


We were both tired, me from my first day of work and Love One from a frustrating day of dealing with accountants and banks. We went to be early and slept soundly.



Loved One was going for a swim this morning so I decided to go with her and walk along the beach. She didn’t need a spotter but I felt I was providing a useful service. It was a log warmer walking than swimming. The swimmers got out looking very blue whilst I was toasty warm


I didn’t know that there are special tee-shirts for breast feeding women that have a small flap that reveals a nipple. It took me a while to realise that the baby in a friend’s lap wasn’t sucking milk through the fabric of the tee-shirt


I spent the afternoon finishing cleaning the BBQ. This involved using a lot of wire wool to remove many layers of burnt on grease and fat but after only a few hours of hard effort parts of it were almost clean. It seemed a shame to use it for tonight’s meal.


We were expecting guestrooms evening but they phoned to cancel at the last moment. This left the two of us with a roast meal for four. It was very tempting to try and consume the whole lot but we resisted. We now have a lot of left overs to eat during the week.


I received and e-mail late this evening saying that I was starting work tomorrow. In was happy and annoyed at the same time. Much as I wanted to have work I would have preferred a little more notice so that I could tie up a few loose ends.



Loved One got up and went for a swim, there were messages on my phone about today’s cycle ride and I was at home because of my broken hand. This didn’t make me happy.


As there was no one in the house I decided to finish off making the Lime Chutney. It’s better to do this when no one is around as it involves boiling limes in vinegar. No matter how tasty the end result, boiling vinegar is never going to smell nice. I tasted some as I bottled it, I’d made lime pickle and I see many poppadum’s in my future


I had a number of calls from the phone company this morning. This time it was from a next work engineer who was applying changes to the account. I was happy that someone was working on it but I still have a phone that doesn’t do what it should do.


I was sitting outside drinking a cup of tea when I heard a strange scraping noise that turned out to be Ginger Cat trying and failing to balance on the next-door neighbours fence. I tried not to laugh. From there he jumped onto a shed roof and went to investigate the other end. There was the sound of barking and he came running back. He got to the edge of the roof, hesitated for a while and the kept. He failed spectacularly to land on the top of the fence. Instead he slide down the side. A few moments later he reappeared and came hurtling into the garden. He had a limp.


Ginger cat was looking very poorly, worryingly so. He could put the foot gingerly on the ground but he wasn’t very keen on it. I got the cat box out and he made a bee-line for it. He obviously knew the routine. The vet gave him an examination and determined that he was bruised and battered bit not broken. She prescribed some catty anti inflammatory and pain killing liquid and set us home.


We spent the evening ministering to Ginger Cats needs. This mainly consisted of letting him lay on my lap and tickling his tummy. He was purring so I think he was working.


Lie in

Loved One had taken the day off work today to help me get to my various appointments today. I doubt that I particularly needed that much help but Loved One insisted and I was powerless to refuse. This meant that we could turn the alarm off and wake naturally rather than being dragged into the waking world by the harsh noise of the alarm. It was a glorious lie in.


We arrived in good time for the appointment despite being told that they would be running late. Arriving resulted in a text appearing on my phone. I then registered at the department and was ushered to a writing area. Here I found another text telling me to go the waiting area. I settled in for the wait by reading. This was disturbed by another text telling me to go to another desk and wait in another area. After a little wait and some chat, I was finally ushered into a clinical looking room.


A nurse came in with a threatening pair of scissors and removed the cast. It was so good for my arm to be free again. It didn’t take me too long to find the point at were the pain kicked in. I had a very limited range of movement. This only went to show that the splint did help even though it was annoying to wear.


A very young doctor came in and did all the standard tests. It was obvious that I had a broken bone and the treatment was essentially keeping it still. I asked about doing the things I liked knowing that the answer wouldn’t be nice. He said no swimming or cycling for at least 6 weeks. The date was straight into my diary.


My next call was with the splint making department but this involved another wait. A nurse came across and asked me if I would like to help with a medical study. It was all about how my hand injury had affected my life. I had to giggle at the section about how it had affected my sex life.


I was called into the split making room where a therapist moulded a bit of warm plastic round my arm to form a much lighter but still immobilising splint. He gave me a whole list of do’s and don’ts and sent me off into the world. At least it was lighter than the old one but it still made every day tasks much harder to perform.


We popped into the hot nut shop as I felt I deserved a treat after the trials of the morning. We then went hunting for something to eat as we were hungry and it was lunch time.


I had to see the dental hygienist this afternoon. They come under the same heading as dentists in my mind. I don’t like anyone poking about in my mouth with metal instruments and this is exactly what a hygienist does. I sat in the chair and braced myself for the ordeal. I hoped that I made it clear that I just wanted it done. I didn’t want any comforting chat or a running commentary on what was going one. I wanted it done quickly and efficiently. I wanted to be somewhere else very quickly if not before. I had a feeling that the hygienist hadn’t come across many people like me.


After I’d recovered from the ideal by drinking a lot of ta and eating chocolate I decided that it was time to make the lime marmalade. This involved cutting the skins into thin strips, mixing them with water a sugar and boiling until it sets. It tasted exactly like it smelt and that was wonderful.