Others approaching high tide when we reached the beach. The wind was making the sea a little choppy as well. It was all going to make my first sea swim for a while interesting. The water was cold but not as cold as I was expecting. Once over the initial shock it was almost pleasant. We swam up to the house with the double stairways and back again. The waves made it a little harder than it should have been.


The hot shower afterwards was glorious as was the bacon and egg roll followed by a cup of hot chocolate. I felt almost human after that.


We dropped into Loved One’s son’s new house on the way home. We were given a full tour along with the tea and biscuits. It was a very nice house, I was slightly jealous.


Things in the garden needed pruning and it was the right time to prune. Armed only with sharp cutting tools and a ladder we defied a lot of woody plants and tree to a pile of clippings ready for the green bin men to take in the morning


I had to go around to my neighbours on a mission this evening but I had no idea about the surprise they had there. He had had a BSA sports bicycle that was bought for him over half a century ago. He’s spent a lot of time getting it restored to its original condition. It was shutting in his garden in its full crimes glory.


We had fish for tea, some fresh water mullet with a bowl of salad. It was a lovely meal and an ideal way to round off the weekend.


We gently fell asleep on the sofa before giving up and going to bed




I had no intention of going swimming this morning but Loves One did. Then I mentioned that it was raining and all thoughts of swimming disappeared and were replaced with a lie in


I made poached eggs on toast for breakfast. We had it with a steaming hot cup of tea. I find that eggs on toast with a big cup of tea is an ideal way to start the day.


We had things to do this morning. To start with we picked up my newly serviced bike from the shop. We then tackled the phone shop to prise a refund out of them for not having access to data for two months. Flushed with success we tackled the shopping and took a print to the framers. All in all it was a successful mornings work.


We went to the football this afternoon to watch Loved One’s team run rings round the opposition. This is the second time in a row that they have won when I’ve been watching so I feel that I am no longer a curse for the team.


We went to a swim club event this evening. It was held in a surf club. At one end of the club was a wonderful grazing table full of cold meats, cheese and fruit and at the other end of the club was a very competent band. It was all very pleasant and a good way to end the day.



This morning I actually managed to get onto the cycle trainer. It took a cup of tea and a kick from loved one but I did it. Once I had got started I wondered why I found it so difficult to get on and start.


The end lift only has one display panel so there were no synchronisation problems as there were no clock to synchronize. This made me happy,


I was really scratching round off things to do this morning after the first meeting. It is really quite stressful having very little to do.


I had the dreaded mid day meeting today. At least this time I didn’t leave myself on mute when attempting to add something. Uneven had something to add to the meeting.


The mod day meeting ran into yet another meeting in which I was a passenger. It went on for far too long and during the meeting I became more conscious of how hungry I was. I needed to escape the building and buy food. Eventually the meeting ended and I could slip outside. That’s when the rain came down and foiled my plans.


I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to podcasts and pretending to work. I’d given up actually doing anything constructive.


It had stopped raining by the time I left work. This was good as I had to walk the kilometre or so to Loved One’s office. It was good not to get wet.


I’d gone to Loved One’s work to pick up the car. Loved One was going out for a drink with her work mates and I was to wait for the summons to pick her up. The plan had changed by the time I got there so I need up having an unexpected beer in the pub around the corner. I wasn’t very impressed with the pub. It felt like a soulless hall.


We weren’t too late home and had a takeaway for tea. I felt the creeping tiredness starting to claw at my eyelids. I made my excuses and went to bed. It was only half past eight.


I woke at midnight to find that Loved One wasn’t there. I found her asleep on the sofa with the cats sleeping on her.



I heard the rain during the night or it could have been a few minutes before I woke up, I have no idea. All I knew was that last nights swimming had left me tired and weak. Getting up and sitting on the bike trainer wasn’t going to happen. In fact, getting up to make a cup of tea was barely possible.


In was destined for the other office today so I had a life affirming stroll down the road rather than another day on the bus. It was a much better way to get to work.


I still didn’t have the correct security pass as my photo wasn’t on it. After a lot of messing about and recharging batteries I was lead to a darkened room and had my photo taken. The end result was a photo only suitable for a security pass. I wasn’t impressed.


There isn’t much happening at work at the moment. In fact, it is incredibly dull and I’m having a hard time keeping any interest going and keeping my eyes open.


Five o’clock couldn’t come fast enough. The stroll home was all the better for it heading homeward.



I fully intended to leap out of bed and onto the cycle trainer, right up to the point when the alarm went off. At that point the weight of the duvet pinned me to the bed. I managed to push them to one side so that I could hobble to the kitchen to make tea bit the enthusiasm for spinning evaporated.


The clocks in today’s life were synchronized. This gave me a feeling of great pleasure followed by sadness at knowing such a small thing was pleasing.


I ran a meeting today that actually resulted in things being done. I count this as a victory even though all I did was bang heads together and summarise at the end.


I’d had enough of the office by lunch time so I went for a little stroll into town. I made my way to the main shopping area and joined the other bored office workers meandering around an electronics store and idly looking at the wears whilst avoiding the salesman’s have.


My computer decided in the middle of the afternoon that it needed some sort of update. It had been whispering about this for a few days but now it was becoming very insistant. I could resist no longer but I knew it would have unintended consequences. Everything seemed to go well but then I tried to access the system that is key to my role. It didn’t want to know. I spent the next hour trying to make it work before giving up and leaving for the day.


Loved One left work early today and said she would pick me up. She knew which road I would be walking down and so she was looking out for me. I wish I’d seen her rather than being scared out of my wits by the sound of her car horn.


We arrived at the pool early so whilst Loved One played games on her phone I fell asleep for a little while.


This was my first swim in almost six weeks so I was determined to take it easy. It was a lovely session and it would have been even better if I’d swum it properly. My hand was aching by the end of the session but at least it wasn’t too painful.


I sat in the garden and drank a cup of tea whilst the cats ran round like mad things and Loved One warmed up the soup. Slowly I noticed that there was a really nice scent in the garden. It took a while to find the source. The Orange tree was in blossom.



I had to have a cup of tea before starting but I actually managed to get on the trainer and start sweating. I did this whilst watching the most wonderful dawn clouds tinged with red.


I stood in the lift and noticed that the clock on the screen on the left side of the lift was 30 seconds faster than the clock on the right. It’s the sort of thing that once noticed cannot be forgotten. I was glad to get out of the lift.


I had to send an email today telling the world about my recruiting cock up. I fully expect some retribution but I’ll just have to roll with the punches


Despite the number of meetings in my calendar there wasn’t really much happening at work. I still felt tired by the end of the day and that wasn’t helped by my laptop deciding that home time was the ideal time to do an update.


Loved One had got home before me and had arrived to a scene of cat induced carnage. I’d forgotten to open the door that leads to the cat litter with predictable messy results.


Loved One didn’t bear a grudge so she cooked lamb chops whilst I made sure that the cats stayed in the garden.


We ended the evening with some quality sofa time followed by cursing at a computer. This was the wrong order to do these activities.



Loved one offered to make breakfast this morning and I was powerless to refuse. Whilst I was in the shower she prepared bacon with scrambled egg on toast. It was a lovely way to start the day.


Loved One then gave me a lift to the bus stop. It may have reduced my steps per day count but it did no end of good for my laziness quotient.


Today was the first day without my predecessor breathing down my neck. I hoped that I’d picked up enough knowledge over the last month to be able to perform the role but I was under no illusions that somewhere along the line I would get something wrong. At least there where no hard challenges today


I learnt today that if something doesn’t happen by the end of the month the programme I am working on will trigger resource reassignment. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. There was a possibility that I may be reassigned to not working. At least there are a few weeks of pay packets before anything serious happens.


I needed something to drink but the way to the adult education centre was not lined with cafes.I ended up having some like warm sweet mud in a paper cup that claimed to be hot chocolate. It didn’t do much for my thirst.


My German lesson was tolerable this evening partly because I’d done and understood my homework and partly because I was able to exercise my language skills in a long conversation with the tutor.


I felt that it had been a long day by the time I got home. Luckily for me Loved One had prepared a lovely chicken disk served on a bed of spinach and cherry tomatoes. It was lovely.



We met the others by the water feature for the annual cold water swim. I was still a bit weary about my hand so I decided that I would be the official photographer for the day. I was told to expect about twenty swimmers foolhardy enough to brave the cold water but word had got round. It was estimated that about eighty people turned up. Some paddled, some waded, some swam a little way and some swam a long way. I recorded the silliness for posterity.


A lot of the swimmers met up in a cafe afterwards for hot drinks and breakfast. We managed to gather together enough tables to make a long bench. The food and drink appeared surprisingly quickly considering how many had congregated at one time without notice.


We popped into a friend’s house on the way back to wish home happy birthday and were waylaid by tea and biscuits. We left after he had committed to doing a couple of organised rides with me.


We got home and the creeping tiredness hit me like a tonne of bricks. I needed sleep and I needed it now. I headed for a darkened room whilst Loved One amused herself by preventing Ginger Cat from jumping over the fence using only her wits and a water spray.


The terrible thing about work is that it manages to weedle its way into the weekend and ruin Sunday nights. I had to make sure I had my work clothes in order, my bag packed and lunch prepared. That sort of thing wasn’t going to happen tomorrow morning.



Loved One was going swimming this morning. I would have loved to go with her bit my sensible voice told me not to. My hand was still aching and I really didn’t want to damage it so soon after taking the splint off.


I tried to avoid getting on the bike trainer by completing some trivial tasks and doing some admin but deep down I knew I should bite the bullet and spin the legs. The hardest part is always starting. Once I’ve worked up a sweat I’m happy to keep going right to the sweaty end.


I was halfway through my routine when loved one appeared. I wasn’t expecting her for another hour. I jumped out of my skin when I saw her standing beside me. Apparently, the person she was going to swim with had left his bathers at home.


Loved One had bought some fruit trees during the week and they needed planting. We enlisted the help of a neighbour to dig some holes whilst the rest of the community stood round and watched. It didn’t take long before we had created a small orchard. When it was all done we allowed the neighbour to go to the pictures.


There was one tree left and that was destined for our back garden. I performed the roles of foreman, overseer and quality control whilst Loved One did the hard work. Hopefully it will bear fruit in the coming years


My blue bike had been in the shop for a service over the last week. It was a little bit poorly. If stretches the chain beyond its usable limits and this had had dire consequences for the cogs on the back. It looked a lot better now. It had a shiny chain and a new cassette. It would still be a week or so before I’d ride it but at least I knew it was in good shape.


Whilst we had purchasing our minds we decided that we should get some food. We were both finding that not having our Mondays now I was working meant we had to fit the admin into the weekend. I resent work because of this. We made a list and danced round the aisles.


We made a small diversion to the bottle shop as I felt a small portion of my first pay packet should be spent on a nice whisky. We were accosted at the door and asked to sample various drinks. I tried a couple of blended whiskies whilst Loved One contemplated a number of red wines. This may have been the cause of spending a lot of money in this shop.


Neither of us was feeling very energetic this evening and I was suffering from the usual creeping tiredness that is a consequence of being at work all week. We had a simple meal and an early night. I was asleep before I got into bed.



I woke up with a headache. I fully intended to get on the bike trainer but the idea was soon banished to the warmth of the duvet. I eventually worked up enough enthusiasm to make a cup of tea. Training wasn’t going to happen today, I was too tired.


I had a meeting scheduled to start exactly on arrival time. This meant that I had to arrive before arrival time and that meant I had to leave slightly earlier than normal. This all caused an imbalance in my already fragile equilibrium. I didn’t feel that I added much to the meeting.


I got to the hospital in time for my appointment and wasn’t surprised to be told to wait. I wasn’t prepared for the length of the wait. I sat there and played with the phone. After a while I just stared at the wall. In was so bored. It didn’t help that it appeared people who had arrived after me seemed to be called before me.


Two hours after arriving I was called, to wait in another room. This was a much shorter wait but a wait none the less. I was getting fed up with waiting. Eventually I was ushered to a room to wait for the doctor.


The doctor arrived and examined my hand. After a bit of prodding and poking he declared that it was clinically healed. All I had to do now was to ween myself off the splint. With a bit of luck I will be able to resume normal activities in a couple of weeks.


The afternoon seemed to drag on for ages. I had no desire to stay in the office any longer than I needed to be.


It was hard work trying not to fall asleep on the bus but I just about managed it.


I needed tea and lots of it. Two cups later I felt a little more human. It was then time for the grand removal of the splint. It was like releasing my hand from prison.


I went to swim training with Loved One this evening. I didn’t feel brave enough to go in so I sat at the poolside and jealously watched everyone else swim up and down.


We all met up in the pub afterwards for a few beer, some chips and a lot of discussing the state of the world in general and the swim club in particular. The club Secretary took a lot of notes. I felt sorry for him but not very sorry.