Marathon Training

Another 5k run to the gum tree and back today. It was a bit later and a bit hotter than last time which meant a lot more sweat. It was hard work. I felt better for it when I got back but did need to lie down for a while after my shower. I may have fallen asleep as time seemed to go by very quickly.

The Malls Balls and The Little Piggies

I’m on my own today; my loved one has to work. I took myself off to Rundle Mall to take pictures of the Malls Balls and the pigs. There was a really terrible band playing by the Malls Balls, it would have been slightly better if they had tuned their instruments. At least they were out there doing it. It takes a certain amount of bravery to play in public.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Adelaide

We went for a meal at windy point as it was our last night in Adelaide together for this trip. It had the right name, it was windy. The restaurant had the most fantastic view over the city so we watched the world go by as we worked our way through the menu. It was a lovely meal. Someone had told us that the lights of Adelaide no longer twinkle. They were wrong. After the meal we went to the view point just to make sure. The lights in the distance were twinkling. Apparently this only happens in Rio and Adelaide, something to do with being between to the sea and hills. The explanation probably involves physics but finding out would detract from the pleasure of standing on a windy hillside watching the lights of a city twinkle.


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