I’m working in Munich this week which means a 4 o’clock start, the upside of jet lag is that I’m awake and almost alert. Not alert enough to not have a bar of chocolate for breakfast but alert enough to drive to the airport and find the aircraft. It was a perfect flight, asleep before take off and woken on touch down.

Forgotten passwords

My first day at work after 3 weeks of holiday and I’m faced with the horror of modern office life. I’ve forgotten all my passwords. All of them. I can get into my phone, my desktop computer or my laptop. Like a good IT person I have a separate password for each one made up of letters, numbers and symbols. I’ve not written them down anywhere and normally I can remember them as I use them everyday. After 3 weeks my mind is a blank. I have no inkling of what they are and I’ve managed to lock myself out of all my systems. It seems most of my colleagues have a simple system to prevent the multiple calls that I’ve had to make to help desk; they write their passwords down before they go away.


I’ve done it again, I’ve stuffed my face full of nuts. When I check into the hotel they offer me a complementary tin of nuts and a bottle of beer, which I normally take. I start with one nut, then two and before I know it I’m shoveling the whole tin down. Now I feel stuffed. This is not the way to loose weight.

Jet lag

Sleep hit me like a speeding train, at 19:45 my eyes started itching and felt heavy by 19:46 I was asleep. I’m so glad I don’t have to drive today, I’d probably end up in a ditch.


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