Marathon Training

The weekends here and that means a long run, 19km this time. The plan was to run down the forest way for half the distance, as measured by my watch, turn round, and run back. It was clear and crisp this morning, an ideal winter’s day. Everyone seemed to be walking their dogs and enjoying the morning.

I ran a bit further that the half distance as it seems odd not to have some sort of half way marker. The gate a little way up made an ideal turning point. I’ve no idea why I do this no one cares where I run to or where I turn round.

It turns out that the retun leg was shorter that the outward leg. Even though I ran the same route in reverse my watch made the return leg shorter, So much for accurate GPS measurements.

Whilst I was doing some stretching outside of the sports center a youngish woman decided it would be fun to instruct me to “Breath in and Breath out”. Irritating but not annoying. I showed my irritation by giving her a smile and one finger salute. It was obviously not the reaction she was expecting as she stomped off in a huff.

The Italian job

In a few months’ time I’m participating in a four up time trial in Italy, I’m doing it with my neighbor, his brother and his son. We will be doing it on vintage fixed wheel bikes. Our aim is to not come last overall. I visited my neighbor to talk about travel arrangements and to apologise at not being able to make a training session on Sunday. We drank a lot of tea.


I’ve not really been in my house for four weeks; I tidied and cleaned nearly everything before I went away. How did it get so grubby? I spend a long while contemplating this as I washed floors and cleaned mirrors

Food Shopping

I made a list, at the top was black bin liners and tea bags. There were a few other items on there as well. The outside world had not warmed up and I felt quite chilly as I made my way to the supermarket. I counted three people wearing shorts. One was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt, another shorts and a thick jumper and the last was wearing what looked like lederhosen. It was far too cold for that sort of behavior. I forgot to by the bin bags and teabags but some cook from frozen meat pies made their way into my bag. It would have been too much effort to put them back.


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