There is something glorious about not having to get up, I laid in bed without a care in the world. I even made myself a cup of tea and then went back to bed. It was just so nice to not have anything pressing levering me out of the warm next I’d made for myself. Happy.


Unsurprisingly given the cycle ride yesterday I was considerably lighter today. I know much of the loss is probably due to dehydration, but I don’t care. I’ve lost weight and I’m back on the path to my goal of being a normal BMI. It might help me go up hills a bit easier too

Dried Fruit

The dried fruit was a tasty success, now the only problem is to not consume it all in one sitting. Oops I failed.

Marathon Training

To say that I didn’t feel like going for a run would be an understatement. Yesterday’s outing on the bike had taken its toll on my legs. If I was going out; and the plan suggested today’s goal was a mere 22km; then it would be a slow and steady run. I won’t be breaking any records today.

It’s been raining, the fields are saturated and the paths are deep in sticky mud in places. I really don’t like having wet feet and managed to avoid it for nearly one kilometer. After that I gave up trying to avoid the worst parts and just ran on slowly. The general stickiness of the ground was energy sapping and on the return leg the wind made its presence known as well. There is a small hill near the end, normally I can breeze up it at a steady if somewhat pedestrian pace, today however was a different story. It reduced me to walking about half way up. By the end of the run I was not a pretty site, muddy and broken, I think is the best description


I was thankful that I’d been invited to Mum’s for dinner. There is nothing like to prospect of a Sunday roast to lift my spirits. I didn’t object to the usual technical support questions and tucked in quite happily to the lamb. Mum had roasted whole garlic bulbs as well. I wouldn’t be kissing anyone this evening.


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