Waking up was a struggle this morning, I felt as if I had no energy. I lay in bed feeling happy that according to the training plan today is a rest day. However, in reality I still have to content with the rigors of a work day, so rest in the sense of no running rather than rest in the sense of taking things easy. I’d like to take my rest seriously but I doubt my employer would see it that way.


Today was a look at the weekly average day, rather than cheering at the day’s loss. It had only gone up a little and had not crossed the big number boundary. That makes me happy.

The Master Plan

There was an e-mail waiting for me this morning, it signaled a small set back in the first strand of the master plan. It wasn’t wholly unexpected and it doesn’t signal the end of this strand. It’s just a small hiccup really. At least the strand is alive and something is happening. This is good.


I enjoy making bread; it’s tactile, smells good and ends up with a tasty result. I know I should have been working but it’s a slow Friday afternoon and no one is going to miss me for the few moments it takes to mix and knead. Making bread is mainly waiting most of the time and I can work whilst I’m waiting.

I make a couple of focaccia; they looked so good and smelt so much better. It was hard to resist the soft warm savory bread topped with olives, rosemary and salt. So hard in fact that I totally failed to resist and devoured a whole flatbread in the course of half an hour. It was so tasty. Whatever I was planning for tea probably won’t happen as I’m feeling quite full.


Sitting in front of the telly with a whisky in hand; my idea of a wonderful Friday night. No longer do I crave the company of beer swilling friends in a cramped pub. A whisky and a sit down: much better. How times have changed.


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