My body hurts, more specifically my legs are heavy and my shoulders are sore. I want to stay under the bedcovers until at least midday, maybe longer. I doubt that my employer would agree to that. What I don’t understand is the attitude at work to self-inflicted pain. If I wander in and talk about late nights and heavy drinking it’s greeted with some grudging empathy. Come in talking about sore muscles and a weekend of exercising it gets greeted with derision. It’s obviously preferable to poison yourself than to indulge in something that although painful can actually make you healthier.  I think I’ll tell them that my legs are hungover after a heavy weekend. That should stop some of the comments


Monday morning and a stack of work is waiting in my inbox, oh joy. It’s taken them four weeks to collect all the data and they decide to send it to me all at once, it will take me a day for each file and there are ten of them. Oh! And surprise, they want it done by the end of the week. They could have supplied half of the data two weeks ago and they could have given me some notice but that would have been far too hard for them and made my life a little easier.

Now I find that a graduate is running the project and has taken too long on their bit so they are trying to compress time scales by putting pressure on me to work faster. I suggested that if they wanted it faster they could do it. Strangely they didn’t accept my offer. Next I’m told they are going to escalate the issue. I asked quite how that was going to help. They said it would receive management attention. I asked again, how that would help. They said that my manager would tell me to do it faster. I suggested very politely that they think very carefully before they start using words like escalate as I would be more than willing to reply with words like quality and planning. They got quite annoyed.

My manager rang me later to congratulate me on giving the graduate a life lesson in project management.

Toilet Rolls

There are two ways of putting a toilet roll on the hanger, loose end wall side or loose end to the outside. Neither is correct, it comes down to personal preference. I really don’t care which way it is as long as it’s beside the loo when I need it. Some people get quite passionate about which way it should go round. If it bothers them that much, turn it round but be prepared to do that a lot. I heard two people argue over which the right way was for a good ten minutes whilst making a cup of tea. Surely there are better things to discuss or am I missing something?


It’s been almost a week with no nuts, chocolate or sweets.


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