Swim Run

This morning instead of the usual swimming session the club held their annual swim run. It started with a 500 meter swim and ended with a 5km run. I was in my usual lane so we sorted out who was going to go first based on the 1 km time trial a few weeks ago. I was to go second with Tom ahead of me and Derek and Fran behind me. I know Tom is a reasonable swimmer but I felt I could keep the gap small before he soundly beat me on the run. It was a sudden start, I tried to hang on to Tom’s toes for as long as possible to gain a bit of a draft. I’m not really one for a fast start as I prefer a more paced approach. After the first few lengths gaps had appeared and we all settled down to our race pace. I lost count about half way but decided that as Tom was in front I would just get out when he did. Towards the end of the swim I was starting to catch him, I think there was only five meters between us at the end. I quickly put my shoes on and started the run. It was an out and back down the main road. Once the road straightened out I could see a long line of runners ahead of me. The one directly ahead was definitely going slower than me. This was good, I had someone to reel in early which is always a boost. I passed Jane at the roundabout, now all I had to do was to stay ahead of her. The next runner was a long way away. About a kilometer later Andy came tearing past me. Andy is a proper runner, he trains in lots of interesting ways, he runs fast and wins races. I was surprised quite how far down the road I’d got before I saw the front runners coming back the other way. There weren’t as may in front as I had expected. More to the point Simon was only a little in front and we were now going uphill. Simon is not good on hills. It took a while but bit by bit I caught him and once past I slowly widened the gap. It’s just too embarrassing to be overtaken by someone you have previously overhauled; it shows a certain lack of respect for the race. My main concern now was to get to the finish without being overtaken. That in my mind would be a victory (gained two places, lost one, over all advantage to me). The course flattened out near the sports center. I don’t sprint for the line owning to a bad experience but I may have raised the pace a little just to make sure. I enjoyed that, it made the tea and flapjack after taste a lot better than normal.

Bread and Pastries

I love a bit of baking and making bread is my all-time favorite. Today I added a hint of cinnamon to the mix just to see what would happen. Cinnamon is one of those flavors, it’s my catnip. Whilst I was waiting for the yeast to do its thing I found some apple puree in the freezer and some puff pastry in the fridge and had a go at making some apple puffs or apple turn overs or apple in pastry. In the end they looked like apple slippers.  It was all a bit experimental. They didn’t quite turn out as I expected but they were tasty. There bread on the other hand was fabulous and it took remarkable self control no to eat it all before it cooled.


I buy UHT milk in liter containers, it’s cheap and I can have a stock in the cupboard so I’ll not run short and have to drink black tea. I’m not a fan of black tea. The problem is that I know that a liter will last me four days and I’m off to Munich on Monday.  I could open a new carton but that would mean having to throw away at least half on Sunday night. I don’t like that idea, it seems a waste. I would rather buy a half liter of milk from the local shop at over twice the price of the liter of milk than throw away milk. This does not make economic sense but it appeals to my not wasting food ethics. Ethics that, in a time of plenty and abundant food, also do not make sense.

Chinese takeaway

I like a Chinese takeaway. What I mean by a Chinese takeaway is: Sweet and Sour pork balls, special fried rice, a pancake roll and prawn crackers. I sat down in front of catch up TV and worked my way through that whilst watching a combination of panel shows and sitcoms. It was bliss.


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