I had another happy dance on the scales today; the numbers had gone down again. If things carry on at this rate (which I doubt) I’ll hit my target in no time.


I’ve been thinking a lot about where it all went wrong. I’ve come to the conclusion that I increased the volume too quickly. I was using a plan that I’d used before but I do remember the last month or so always being hard. I have a feeling that I’d not really got the base miles in before embarking on the road to the marathon. I can’t avoid illness but I can avoid breaking my body so much that it is susceptible to any sort of infection. Maybe I should take my mother’s advice and “slow down a bit”


After what seems like days of ugly weather it was actually a pleasant day today; cold but sunny. Once I’d finished all the trivia of the days’ work my loved one and I went for a stroll. It was nice to get out of the house and see the world. It was squelchy underfoot and loved one was wearing white trainers, which made for some fun acrobatics around the muddy patches.


I’m not coughing so much now but I’m still not right as the coughing fit about 10 minutes after we arrived back home proved. I’d harbored hopes of doing something active soon but I think I’m going to have to wait a few more days.


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