I have no idea how it happened but yesterday I mislaid over a kilo. This morning I find that I’m effectively two kilos lighter that yesterday (because we all ignore the numbers after the decimal point). I should be happy about this but instead I’m suspicious. I know that I’ve not shed this much in fat so I’m wondering where it has all gone. My body is a mystery to me sometimes.


It was a slow day today and when the going gets slow I start to bake. A cake seemed the right thing to do. I could get it done in my lunch break and have a slice with a cup of tea in the afternoon. It’s been a while since I’ve made a Victoria sponge. Long enough that I had to look up the proprtions of butter, sugar, eggs and flour. In the end it was a little burn as I forgot that my oven is a little on the harsh side but it did look very tempting sitting there on the side cooling.

Afternoon tea

My mother popped in to drop some things off so it seemed only hospitable to offer her some cake. I had a slice as well. What I can’t work out though is why there was only half of the cake left, I blame it on the cake goblins. I sliced the rest and put it into the freezer, cake goblins don’t like the cold.


Tonight was the night for a go on the turbo, even though the weather was idea for an evening cycle I feel I get a much better and more controllable workout on the static trainer. The whole thing was geared toward endurance so I was trying to maintain my heart rate within a narrow band. In order to take my mind of the pain I plugged myself into my tablet and watched a cookery program. This was probably a mistake as I ended the session feeling wracked with hunger.


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