It was another early start today so that I could make my rendezvous with a collapsible chair at the side of the road. I’d packed the chair onto Gracie the trike a few days ago so that I wouldn’t have to mess about this morning. It was quite pleasant sitting there at the side of the road warning cyclist about on-coming traffic. It was slightly marred by the man in the flash car with custom plates pulling up at the junction, winding down his window, leaning over his passenger and saying: “You lot are a fucking nuisance”, before speeding away. Why, thank you for your input sir and I hope that a bird of paradise shits in your back garden was my reply to the plume of exhaust smoke.


After a hard morning of sitting in the sun I felt exhausted. A quick nap was what was called for. I’m not sure that I should be feeling this tired after sitting around. Maybe I have upped my training volume just a little too quickly. I should really address this next week and cut it down a bit.


I had intended to to a long run this afternoon but sense again prevailed and I shortened it. I think I may have set a personal record in that it was the slowest paced run that I’ve done for a very long time. It didn’t feel that slow but the watch told a different story. It took me about 10 mintes longer than normal to do the route. At least I had plenty of time to admire all the new born lambs in the fields

Early night

I’m off to Munich tomorrow so I crawled into bed before the sun went down. I think there might be a law against this sort of behaviour but at that moment I really didn’t care.


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