Some days my morning trip to work goes like clockwork. Today was one of those days. I ambled down the road to the underground, took the escalator and just as I got to the bottom the train arrived. There was no need to rush. I just strolled onto the train and there in front of me was an empty seat. I like it when this happens, it gives me a good feeling.


Normally I buy a butterbreze from the bakery in the station for my breakfast and eat it on the walk to the office. I could have breakfast in the hotel but that would be a sure way to gain an enormous amount of weight as the selection of tasty breakfast treats is vast. The butterbreze normally comes in a paper bag with a serviette. For the last two days the serviette has been missing. I’m not a great fan of serviettes but I do wonder why. Maybe it’s a cost cutting measure? I have been served by the same person for the past few days so maybe he hasn’t been instructed to add the serviette. It gave me something to ponder over whilst I made my way to work.


I know it’s going to be a long day when I start looking at the lunch menu at five minutes past nine. Today’s choice was between deep fried camembert or white asparagus wrapped in ham and covered in hollandaise sauce. I like both and spent most of the morning trying to decide.

These are big decisions and not to be taken lightly. I made up my mind, deep fried camembert was the way to go. I kept my resolve all the way to the serving counter. The deep fried camembert looked miserable in comparison to the asparagus. It was a very tasty plate of asparagus too.


After lunch I usually get a bottle of water from the machine. It comes in glass recyclable bottles. The empty bottles sit on a shelf in my office and wait until I can be bothered to take them back to the collection machine, which is just by the water machine. It’s a short walk but long enough to be inconvenient. There is a collection machine closer but it only accepts smaller bottles. I’ve no idea why they can’t vend the same size bottles all over the building. There is sure to be a reason. They were filling the water machine with bottle after lunch so I didn’t pick up my usual bottle. Instead I went back to my office and loaded up with empty bottles, I was working on the principle that the machine would be full by the time I got back. I unloaded the bottles and the refund paid for a bar of chocolate as a reward. What’s more there was a smaller bottle sitting on the top of the machine, someone had obviously given up on finding the correct recycling machine. I took it back to my office to reside with the small bottles on the shelf. The refund will be enough to get me a small packet of Haribo and this thought makes my taste buds happy.


In a roundabout way and by no means officially I’ve heard that I’ll be starting a new role in a few weeks’ time. This is good news as it means I only have one more silly o’clock start to look forward too. I’m sure the official notification will catch up soon.


I love running alongside the Isar and through the Englisch Garten and tonight was no exception. This was the first time in a long while that I have done this run in the light and there was so much more to see. I was particularly amused to be passed by someone wearing running kit branded as “Unfit”. This is one aspect of Munich that I will miss.


I’d forgotten the effect that eating asparagus has on your urine. It took me a while to work out what the smell was. I might leave it a few days before I each asparagus again.


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