The scales screamed in agony this morning. The last four days of tit-bits and uncontrolled eating couple with last night’s boredom fueled eating binge had taken their toll. I waddled into the kitchen and tried to make the lowest calorie breakfast possible. I failed, I only had jam and toast in the house, the only way to reduce the calories would have been to cut the slice of toast in half and throw one half away. This would have been a waste. Throwing good food away is not something I could ever condone.


I went for a lovely run at lunchtime; it was the usual route along by the viaduct and through the woods. There is something quite special in running when everyone else is slaving over sweaty computers. I passed another runner on the way round; we passed a knowing look of people who knew that they were doing something that felt a little illicit.


The clock rolled round to stopping work time. Most of my colleagues had logged off and I was one of the few with a green dot next to my name to show I was available. I gave up. There were things that needed doing, vacuuming the carpets, cleaning and polishing. These are not interesting things but as I had time it meant that they would not get in the way of doing things that I like over the weekend. I descended into a cleaning frenzy. It didn’t take long before the house looked presentable again. What I would like to know is how the house gets so messy when I’m not here. Perhaps my cat sublets when I’m away.


I’m a master procrastinator. I make no secret of this. I recently read that one way to curb my tendency is to make a timetable. I thought that I would give it a go and see how it went. It didn’t take long to work it out. I allowed what I thought were generous amounts of time for each activity. It was for a Saturday after all. I quite liked the look of it. Tomorrow will be the acid test.

Yellow lines

Yellow lines have appeared near to where I park my car. I’m sure that they weren’t there yesterday night when I parked. This is all rather disturbing as it means there is less space for cars to park and when I get home late it is possible that I will have to park a long way from my house. It’s not a big problem; more of a minor annoyance.


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