There was no happy weigh loss dance this morning as I found that all the apparent loss of yesterday had magically reappeared today making me effectively a kilo heaver as I had jumped over the kilo boundary. I have no idea how this happens as I really didn’t eat too much yesterday dispite the cake making.


I had scrambled again today, it’s just too easy to make and there is less mess to clean up. I toyed with the idea of a slice of cake as well but after the scales delivering the bad news I was content in smothering the cake with butter icing and jam. It may be put into the freezer today and brought out when I feel slimmer. This is the big problem with living alone and enjoying cooking, I end up with a freezer full of things I’ve cooked and then not eaten. I hate throwing food away so I keep it for the times I can’t be bothered to cook, or until the freezer is full and I have to eat through it.


Friday is report day and yest again I’m sitting in front of a computer generating reports that no one will look at. At least this is the second to last time that I’ll be doing this particular task. I’m sure there will be reporting in my next role but at least it will be different.


I won’t be making Lebkucken again that is for sure. I got the dough out of the fridge and started to roll it out. The instructions said that I should place it between two sheets of backing paper. It was obvious why, the dough was very sticky. The problem came with cutting the dough. It stuck to everything. My first thought was to cut the shapes and peel off the remaining dough, that didn’t work. The I tried scraping the shapes from the baking paper. That nearly worked but distorted the shape. Next I tried making the shapes by hand. That just resulted in a sticky mess on my hands. I went back to using the knife but only succeeded in cutting one of my fingers. Eventually I got enough of the mixture onto the baking tray and put it in the oven. I went to find a plaster whilst they cooked. They looked alright when they came out of the oven so I followed the instructions and made the icing mix using egg white and icing sugar. Messy is the exact word to describe this procedure. I slopped it onto the lebkucken and ended up with something that resembled Lebkucken I’d had before. After all the fuss I had no desire to eat them, I had cheese and biscuits instead.


I sat down on the sofa with a cup of tea to recover from the trauma of the Lebkucken. I put my full cup of steaming hot tea on the table and it suddenly wet cold. At least that is what I think happened.


At the crack of end of work I was ready, ready for a blast round the fields. I’d been plotting the route for the last hour and now that I could officially not reply to e-mails I was ready to go. It was lovely to trot round a different route. One part gave me a bit of a surprise; Dark wood was no longer dark. This wood used to be full of densely packed pines but someone had been doing some felling. Dark wood was now strangely misnamed. Usually I cut across the school grounds and head for home, but today was Friday and there were people around. I thought it would be better to head on for the railway station. It would add a few miles but I was feeling good so I wasn’t too worried. There were school kids milling about, it was almost predictable. I ran past them and the two boys decided to “impress” the girls and “race” me. Normally I would let it go but today was different. It was obvious that the finish line was the station steps. They got about two meters ahead and I thought “why not”. I sprinted for the line, passing the two boys in the last meter. I carried on over the bridge leaving them looking a little dazed and mildly confused. The girls were pointing at them and laughing, but not in a good way.  The adults on the station who had witnessed my moment of puerile stupidity just gave me a knowing look.


Later, the extra distance caught up with me and I was overcome by an overwhelming desire to sleep. Suddenly I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was all I could do to scale the stairs and flop into bed.


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