I actually feel awake today. My morning cup of tea and a shower brought me nicely into the world of the living before I ventured out into the rainy Munich morning and headed to work. For once I had brought a raincoat with me.


I was greeted by an e-mail that was a reply to a mail I had sent nearly two months ago. I did wonder if they wanted me to reply in the same timescales. I fought against the urge of being terribly sarcastic but instead mentioned, in passing, that I’ll not be doing the role for much longer. That brought about a flurry of activity; they seem to think that I can finish the bit of work before I go, whilst it is possible I really don’t have the inclination to rush. I’m not the one that took two months to respond.


They were serving Pfanne Giros in the canteen today. I’ve never seen them anywhere else but the canteen but that doesn’t take away from the taste. They are on my list of “the nice things the canteen serves” along with Cordon Blue, Currywürst, Schnitzel and Halb Hanchen. The last three always come with chips. I like chips. I like chips a lot.


I’ve just noticed that I’ve been booked on the early flight home tomorrow. Up until I noticed I thought I was on the late one. This means that I’ll be home at a reasonable time tomorrow and won’t wake up dazed, confused and sleep deprived. It does mean that I won’t be able to swim tonight but I’m sure I can make up for that in the very near future.


My management is leaving it very late for me to effectively hand over my work to someone else. I leave for home tomorrow and then due to public holidays in the UK and Germany there are only two days left. They may wonder why I’m leaving; much as I would love to say “ineffective management” I doubt they would do anything about it. It wouldn’t help me anyway. I’ll just say “personal reasons” that covers a whole host of reasons that no one wants to talk about.


Who calls a meeting for 5 o’clock? I was planning on a run this evening before I went out for a meal with friends; this was rather shot down in flames by a meeting invite for a meeting to start at going home time.


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