The ritual visit to the scales this morning was depressing, I weighed a lot more than I excepted I would. The only saving grace was the .9 another 100 gramms and I’d be yet another kilo heavier and that would have been awful. I made up my mind that it will just be simple food and not much of it over the next few days. Then I remembered I was going out for a meal tonight. It doesn’t bode well for the Friday weigh in.


The chickens had left me with three eggs this morning, this made me happy.


I had a technical problem today that stopped me from logging into the system today. This meant many hours of waiting for phone calls from technical support to fix the problem. This also means that I couldn’t get anything done but couldn’t actually venture too far away from the computer and phone as well for fear that I would miss the call that would finally get me up and working. Bored is not the word. It’s mind numbing not being able to do anything. I wasn’t able to work until near the end of the day by which time I’d lost the will. A few e-mails got answered but that was about it.


I needed to go for a run, it wasn’t a vague desire. I needed to go to get some life back into my body, to clear my mind of the numbness of waiting and to just be moving after a day of almost complete inactivity. I went on my usual route down by the viaduct and back via the golf course, stopping once for a chat with someone who was walking a dog that was similar to the dog I used to have. I felt better when I got back. After a stretch and shower I felt even better. I was ready to face the evening.

Dinner out

We went to a local pub that was almost empty. We’ve been here a few times before and it’s usually full, the barman told us that it was unusually quiet today and that he was expecting the weekend would bring the customers flocking. We sat at one end of the pub near the window and ordered our food. We shared a starter pf wild boar pate between us. This was a good plan as the platter contained a lot of starter for one person. Between the starter and the main course I noticed several fast bikes passing, there was a time trial going on. For the main course I had a Haloumi and chicken burger with chips. The burger was a construction of magnificence, a toasted bun sandwiching the chicken and cheese and a token piece of greenery. The problem was how to eat it. It was far too tall to manhandle as a sandwich in the traditional burger fashion. The solution was to deconstruct it but this then makes it chicken and cheese with bread and chips. The essential burgerness is taken away once it is deconstructed. I pondered on this whilst I ate it. It all tasted lovely and the chips were done to perfection. I followed the main course with a beautifully presented Eton Mess. If there is Eton Mess on the menu then that will be my choice so I know a thing or two about Eton Mess. This one was particularly good. It was a good evening.


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