I was coaching the early set, so in theory I needed to get out of bed just after the alarm had roused me. In practice I lay there until the last possible moment and then rush to get dressed and dash to the car, I can usually get to poolside before the set has started but prey that someone else has written the instructions on the board. I passed the scales on the way out and they told me I’d mislaid over a kilo during the night. I’ve no idea how that happened. My body is a mystery sometimes.


I needed a new photocard for my season ticket. This should have been easy to organize. There is a photo booth in the supermarket opposite the railway station. All I needed to do was to get a photo whilst I got some provisions. I sat in the booth and couldn’t work out how it worked. The lights were on but the screens were blank. Eventually I gave up and asked. After a bit of poking about and staring the person from customer assistance deemed that the machine was not working and that a technician needed to be called. The nearest photo booth was in the post office in town. After I had got all the vital supplies I traipsed all the way into town to be confronted by a photo machine that wanted to talk to me in a patronising tone. I could have read the instructions in seconds but had to wait for the machine to go through the script before getting the photo. Eventually the machine spat out far too many photos of me looking like a convict. Then I had to traipse back to the railway station for the card and the season ticket. This was meant to be easy, but the easy things are never easy. I should have bought some chocolate because at this point I needed comfort food.


I’d planned to go for my long run today, it was a bit warm but that wasn’t a hindrance, at least it wasn’t raining. I headed out on the same route as last week, up over the hill and then down across the  airfield. In all the time I’ve been running round the airfield I have never seen an airplane. Today I saw my first. I ran up the taxi way (it is a public footpath as well) right past it. It was a flimsy looking this that seemed to be made out of nylon and metal poles. There were two men in the cockpit and they seemed to be involved in a very intense conversation.  I ran past and smiled, I might take more notice of the signs that say “watch out for aircraft” and “care, path crosses taxiway” from now on.


I passed a sign that said “Sheep put dogs on lead” I had visions of sheep leading dogs round the field under close control. Maybe sheep are more intelligent than I give them credit for.


I remember running past the stinging nettles, I remember then stinging me but the sting went off after a while. The sensation came back with a vengeance when I had a shower. Why does that happen? Nettles are evil


A closely cropped lawn always gives the illusion of a well-kept garden. I was tired after the run but determined to maintain the illusion that I had a well maintained garden, despite the multitude of weeds that are currently investing the borders. I was so enthused about gardening after this that I started the process of repairing the path that had been broken by a storm two years ago. The first stage required me to sit down a lot so it was the ideal task for a tired runner.


A while ago I made some emergency chilli for day when I really cannot be bothered to cook. It sits in the freezer and waits to be warmed by the microwave. Today was one of those days. I was ravenously hungry but I couldn’t be bothered with all that preparation thing, boiling rice and zapping a frozen meal was about the right effort level for this evening. It even left me with enough energy to tackle the ironing. It’s another wild Saturday night.


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