I need to find a way to explain to my cat that there are somedays when I do not need to get up quite so early. She knows my routine and manages to wander across my bladder and attempt to make herself comfortable at about that time. I didn’t need to go to work today and I was hoping for the glorious luxury of staying in bed until a sensible time. It was not to be, the cat did her thing and forced me out of bed. I wandered downstairs dazed and confused and ushered her out of the house whilst I made a cup of tea. The day seemed far to hostile at this hour of the day so I took my tea and went back to bed. I was determined to get my lie in. I was tired.

Food preparation

As I had plenty of time I decided that breakfast would be poached eggs. I’ve still not got the timing right. The toast is done way before the eggs are ready. It’s not a big thing but the perfectionist in me says that hot buttered toast should be straight out of the toaster and freshly buttered a few seconds before the poached egg lands on it. I will keep working towards this goal. Once breakfast was done and dusted I set about carving the chickens that I smoked yesterday. There was more than enough meat for many days so the breast meat got put in the freezer whilst the legs where stored in the fridge to be eaten this week. All the scraps went in a stock pot to be boiled ready to make soup. It’ll probably be chicken and butternut soup. I don’t like throwing food away and making soup with chicken carcasses appeases that side of me.


I went for a run down by the viaduct today. I wasn’t feeling on top of the world when I left. I hoped that the run might inject some energy into my flagging system. I’ve no idea why I thought this as my usual experience is that I feel tired after a run. I’ve read articles that talk about being energized and the runners high but this is not something I have experienced. It’s normally the runners feeling very tired that I get after a reasonable run. It’s usually followed by the runners drinking lots of water and the runners need for cake. It was a pleasant enough run I wasn’t aiming at breaking any records today, just getting round would have been good enough. I was quite surprised to find that it was the second fastest time round that route when I got back.


Cleaning the bathroom was high on my to do list today so after having a chicken salad for lunch I thought I really should tackle that. I was feeling a bit chilly so I headed up to the bedroom to sort out a jumper. One thing lead to another and I woke up two hours later feeling toasty warm but needing a cup of tea to kick start the system. The bathroom was still a mess.


There were a few things that needed to be done outside to finish off from yesterday and it seemed sensible to attack those before tackling the bathroom so I went outside to tidy things away and push a broom around. Before long I was digging up bamboo roots and preparing the next repair. I didn’t have time to mix concrete; that will have to wait for next weekend. We I came back in I realised that if I wanted to go swimming this evening I probably didn’t have time to clean the bathroom or more accurately I really had no intention of cleaning the bathroom and I was hanging this on any feeble excuse I could find.


It was a lovely night for a swim, the water was warm or cold depending on your view of things. The weather was good. A slight breeze blew across the lake making it a bit choppy. This was good, this is what makes open water swimming. If I wanted dead calm and warm I could go to a swimming pool. I wanted outside, I needed outside. I warmed up by drafting some fast types. Drafting gives me a lovely sense of what it must be like to be fast. They stopped for a chat at the end of the first lap, I carried on in my usual diesel powered slow and steady way. About halfway though there was a little sprinkling of rain. I love that. I love it when I turn my head and see the raindrops dancing on the surface of the water. After my final loop I found I was the last one out. I strolled contentedly to the clubhouse for a shower and a cup of tea. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best.


It seemed to take ages to fall asleep tonight. Either that or I had no memory of falling asleep. I heard the clock chime midnight.


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