I woke up feeling like a train had hit me. I felt like I’d not slept at all, I didn’t feel refreshed. I don’t like days that start like that. The small glimmer of hope was that I was the same weight as yesterday. Hopefully my body has decided this is the weight I’m destined to be and will stick at it although somehow I doubt it.

Poached Eggs

I got the timing right today. The poached eggs were served onto hot buttered toast. The result was sublime. The warm egg yolk melded with the hot toast for the perfect breakfast sensation.


I had to take my car to the garage for a service today. I appeared at the appointed time to find that there was an argument between a customer and a man behind a desk going on at full volume. Something had happened that had racked up a big bill that the man didn’t want to pay. I arrived as he was moving from the falsely logical argument stage to the angry and swearing stage. The man behind the desk was making everything worse by acting in the most high-handed and patronising fashion. It was all very amusing to watch.


It was my last day today and still people think that I can finish everything off so it doesn’t need top be handed over. It was only by the end of the day that people started realising that there was going to be no one left to do this work. Then they started talking about hand over, far, far too late.


I like to start every new adventure with a haircut but the barbers I normally go to was closed. The one down the road is aimed at younger people. There is a new one up the road but they wear uniforms and I find that a bit strange. I might not be starting the next adventure with a haircut.

Time Trial

I had thought about doing another time trial tonight but it’s been raining for most of the day and it’s cold out making the prospect very unappealing. The second choice was a session on the turbo trainer but by the end of the day I was feeling physically tired and really couldn’t face it. I had some soup and opted for the doing nothing option. Even that was exhausting.


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