I did have to get up, just not too early. As it was my first day at a new location I didn’t have to appear before 9:30. This left plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast accompanied by two cups of tea and followed by a shower. The visit to the scales told me that nothing had changed since yesterday. Well at least it hadn’t gone up.



It has been a while since I’ve been a regular passenger on the train, so long that I’d forgotten all the timings, like how long it takes to walk to the station. I allowed twenty minutes as that seemed about right. It actually took fifteen, giving me five minutes to watch people staring at their phones. Once on the train I settled into a book. Chances are that I’m going to catch up on my reading in the next six months.


First Day

It started with computer problems and then carried on with being introduced to a sea of faces. I had even more names mentioned to me. There is no way that I will remember all these people. I finished the day tired. In the last meeting I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I had hoped for a reasonably prompt escape from the building but that was thwarted by an overrunning meeting.



I was determined not to fall asleep on the train. I tried reading by after scanning the same sentence far too many times I gave up in favour of  a blank stare out of the window. It had been a long and tiring day.



I had intended to go for a swim tonight but the enthusiasm evaporated as I walked home. The thought of stuffing my face with chicken and salad was a much more appealing prospect.



My sister is away and has asked me to do a few things round her house. Tonight was putting the bins out. I was tempted to not bother but the bulging bins when I returned may have given it away. I was tempted to raid the fridge whilst I was there. I got as far as opening the door before realising that it would have been a stupid idea.



I was in bed quite early, the first day had been mentally tiring and all I wanted to do was hide under the covers and wait for oblivion to descend


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