The ritual visit revealed a loss of a few hundred grams today. It was unsurprising as I’d not really eaten much yesterday, however it was not enough to warrant the happy little weight loss dance.


I have nearly finished all my eggs. After today’s scrambled eggs I only have one left, This is not enough for a decent egg based meal. I may have to reconsider my breakfast options for tomorrow. I’m still not used to the earlier start. I’m either going to have to do something in the mornings or get up later. One of those options is quite appealing.


I stuck with the twenty minutes for the fifteen minute walk and got to the station to see a few people staring at phones. I was quite impressed at the person who walked onto the platform as the train was pulling in. Such wonderful timing but there is so much that could go wrong. I don’t think it’s worth the agitation to leave slightly later and risk missing the train.


I put my ticket next to my mobile phone and now my ticket doesn’t work. I’m going that have to ask the barrier man to let me in and out every morning and evening after, of course, going through the farce of putting the ticket in the machine and the gate not opening. Looking on the bright side I only bought a weekly ticket so I’ll only have to do this for a week.


There was a man on the train with a very loud voice and a grievance. He wanted to make sure that the entire carriage knew. I have no doubt that if anyone had butted in he would have been incensed, no one did. His problems had all started by him being asked to produce his driving license by the police. It turn out that he didn’t have one, apparently he had passed his test in the army but the information had never been passed on. So he thought he had a license. He’d been doing a driving job which due to a lack of license he had lost. He also had to retake his test. It seemed that this was the bit he wasn’t happy about. He then went on to a rambling rant about the army and how someone didn’t like him, this morphed into the treatment of veterans and how the country was slowly losing its sovereignty. It was all very amusing and meant that I read the same page in my book about half a dozen times.


I needed to go for a run, I wanted to go for a run. I’d left my running gear on the bed to guilt me into getting changed. I also needed a cup of tea. It took a while to get out the door but once I’d started it was good. The run was slightly marred by an incident at the station. There is a bit of a blind corner at the crossing and there were a lot of cars as a train had just come in. I needed to step into the road to actually see the other direction. All of a sudden there was a screech of brakes and a red car on the other side of the road came to a halt. I think we was startled by the sudden appearance of me from behind the wall and was expecting me to run across the road. I stood there as he had right of way, he wound down his window and called me a f+++ing idiot. As I carried on the run I can up with a whole host of replies that I could have given, it’s a shame I couldn’t think of them on the spot.


After the run and a shower I had to go to my sisters to do a few things round the house. This meant I didn’t have dinner till late. I don’t like eating late, it doesn’t feel right. I toyed with the idea of not having anything but I realised that that was a bit silly. I finished chewing my way through a chicken salad at nine. It felt just far too late.


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