There was no lie in today, I had to be up and alert, and if not alert, awake. I struggled into the waking world with my legs feeling a bit stiff. I contemplated walking down the stairs backwards for a while before giving myself a good talking to, That would have been silly. I needed something solid inside me but despite having filled the house with food yesterday I really couldn’t be bothered to cook anything. Luckily there was plenty of muesli left so I had two very large helpings which would hopefully fuel me through the swim.


It is probably best to read the directions to the start before we started out rather than just as we passed the motorway junction that we needed. It was only a small detour but it set the tone for the last few miles of the journey which involved many missed turns and retracing, Eventually we go to the event. We had allowed plenty of time, this was a good thing.


We were doing a 10k swim as a relay. Cate was doing the first and the third legs and I was doing the second and the fourth. This gave us approximately 5k each to swim. The water temperature was warm enough that neither of us felt the need to wear a wet suit. It was a nice warm day two which meant that that walk between to start points would give us a chance of warming up a bit before the next leg. The start was nice an relaxed with lots of nervous talk between swimmers. The small group of skins swimmers were vastly outnumbered  by the wet suited variety. Once Cate set off I went for a walk down the tow path to the changeover point to prepare for the next leg. I wasn’t that sure about the relative walking and swimming speeds, all I knew was I had to walk faster than Cate could swim in order to be waiting for her. Cate left the water all smiles, she was happy with her swim. We swapped the timing chip and I headed off to start the next leg. I wasn’t prepared for the sharp stones on the path and really should have been wearing flip flops. The next leg was the long one, 3.5km under many bridges. It seemed to go on for ever. I felt a little chilly when I emerged from the water but nothing that a brisk walk couldn’t sort out. I met Cate at the end of her last leg and took to the water for the final 1.5km. I knew that this would be a relatively quick section, that was a relief after the last long one. I was still quite happy to get out at the end to be awarded the medal. All in all a good swim and it ended with us demolishing the cake.


Once home I sank into a lovely warm bath and fought the urge to sleep.


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