I rarely remember my dreams, I sometimes doubt that I have them, but this morning was an exception. I had a very vivid dream about having to leave a hotel room and finding that someone else had tied everything away so that I could find it to pack. It was quite disturbing and it took a while to understand that it had just been a dream


The morning visit revealed that that all was well with my weight, not as low as the weekend but crucially nowhere near the significant upper kilo boundary. This made me feel good. There was room for movement due to my bodies strange but perfectly normal fluctuations without affecting the significant figures.


I had scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast mainly because I lack the imagination to do anything else. This was washed down by a large cup of tea. After breakfast I paid a visit to the small room and started wondering what the nett gain in weight was. I was surprised to find that it was zero. The weight of my deposits added up to the weight of my breakfast. I don’t think I will be doing this experiment too often but it is interesting if somewhat meaningless.


There seems to be some sort of disease affecting train conductors at the moment. Over that past few days I’ve heard a few of my colleagues telling me that their trains have been cancelled due to staff shortages and today it was my turn. My usual train was cancelled. I had a book, it was sunny and ut was only ten minutes to the next one. Compared to the delays I’d suffered at the hands of airlines this was nothing.


There was a massive storm just after lunch. The storm clouds rolled over, the sky went dark and the light show began. It started off with flashes and bangs and progressed to forks and cracks. The rain applauded heavily after the light show, filling the gutters and causing a fair bit of flooding. I was starting to thing that I wouldn’t be going out tonight but it cleared as quickly as it came. There were clear blue skies and sun by going home time, it was almost as if nothing had happened.

Time Trial

I took Gracie the trike to the 10 mile course in another bit to break evens. It felt like a good night for going fast, I had no particular reason for this feeling. I was 16th off, there was no seeding and there wasn’t anyone else on a trike. I could tell be looking at the machines and the legs that I was going to be last. That however is immaterial. I was on a mission. The start was reasonable but the first corner wasn’t. I should have leaned on the onside wheel to maintain traction. I was passed by a few who had started their second lap. I was amazed at how long some of them stayed in sight. The Second corner was a bit better but I took it a bit wide, I was thankful that there wasn’t a car coming the other way. The next corner wasn’t too bad but the one after that was awful, the wheel lifted and I lost speed. I was now starting on the second loop I took the first corner from the other direction and this time is was a lot better. Everything stayed on the ground. I took the next one even wider than the first time and then overtook someone. The fact that they were probably out for an evening cycle and not involved in the time trail was a trivial detail. I got round the next corner even though there was a car bearing down on it. I felt that I should have been a bit more careful but I also knew that I was on a quick one. I took the last corner well and hammered down to the finish. I daren’t look at my watch in case I lost a few seconds. I crossed the line in a personal best time but a fair few seconds off evens. I’ll have to come back and try again.


The rest of the evening was very short. A shower, something to eat and going to bed was about all I could manage. Everything else would have to wait for another day.


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