I was expecting my weight to be a bit more that yesterday after the attack of the hungers last night but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as much as it was. It was quite a shock that the food I’d eaten was quite so heavy


Even though I still had eggs I decided that jam on toast was the thing to have for my pre-swim breakfast. I’ve not had jam on toast for quite a while and every time I do have it I remember how good it is. There was a time when my toaster and I were inseparable friends.


Today was a nice set, a series of four hundred meter swims at a reasonanble pace. The aim was to maintain the pace across the series. I love this sort of set because I can quite happily maintain a pace whilst switching off and thinking about other things. I was mainly compling a shopping list for my visit to the supermarket after swimming.


I munched my way through a whole focaccia for lunch in the mistaken belief that it contained less calories than it actually did. I should have checked before I started and save at least half for tomorrow but no, I didn’t. It was a bit of a shock to find out that I’d been a bit rash in the devouring but it was very, very tasty.


I needed a haircut, I needed a haircut two weeks ago but the barber I normally go to was closed. I turned up at the door to find my barber was ill. Perhaps he had been consorting with train conductors. I thought about leaving it another week but my hair was getting unruly and uncontrollable. I decided to try the new place round the corner, the other option was aimed firmly at younger clientele and even though they would have done a perfectly good job I really didn’t like the place. I wandered in an settled on the sofa, they had a video running showing a film about fighting robots. It was some sort of Disney family movie thing. I wasn’t really interested but the volume was turned up far too loud for my tastes. I skimmed though last week’s copy of the sun before there was a free chair. I gave my usual instructions, about a month’s worth off and thinned out a bit. The lady then got to work hacking and chopping. I tried to ignore the film that was being shown on two monitors by the side of the mirror but gently falling asleep. It seemed to take quite a while but the barber did a really good job and charged slightly less that the miserable man I normally go to. I may not be going to him again.


Freshly sawn I headed home and tackled a few jobs in the garden. I always try to trim the lawn as it makes the garden look so much neater. I can get away with weed filled boarders and unruly plants provided the lawn looks like it’s been freshly grazed by sheep. I then tidied up the front and used up a bag of decorative purple slate that I’ve been intending to  make use of for about two year. I felt that was enough effort for one day and headed indoors just as it started to rain.


My intention had been to go for a run this afternoon but the rain put a stop to that. I don’t mind running in the rain but I object to starting a run in the rain. It’s the difference between deliberately getting wet and accidently getting wet. In my mind this distinction makes sense. I did paper work and ironing as a substitute. It’s a poor substitute but better that deliberately getting wet. The rain shower had passed by the time I would have returned from my run. I’d lost the will to go out by then and had already decided that I’d do my long run in the morning. I was feeling quite tired too. I could think of a million other excuses but the bottom line was that I lost the urge.


After my rather calorie laden dinner and a complete lack of exercise in the afternoon my dinner had to be light. I could have gone for the salad option but that would have meant cooking on a weekday evening. That is currently a bit unlikely. Instead I went for a stir fry with tofu served with noodles on a bed of baby leaf spinach. Normally I chuck everything in the pan at the same time but this time I did the tofu first until it was crispy and then did the vegetables. It made a significant difference to the end result, which was a lovely meal.


There was a little bit of Pernod in the bottle crying out to be drunk, how could I possibly resist. I like Pernod, with ice and mixed one to one with sparkling water. It’s Aniseed heaven.


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