Something metallic hit the floor in the middle of the night. I was sure that I’d tidied up the kitechen so there was nothing to knock over. There were only two possibilities I could think of, either a cat had got in and was slinking round the kitchen, in which case I’m sure my cat would deal with it. The other possibility was that the axe whealding hob goblin that normally lives in the loft had somehow got out and was at this moment waiting for me downstairs ready to chop me into little pieces. I’m sure he could wait a little longer so I rolled over and went back to sleep. A few hours later my bladder woke me up and that’s how I discovered that a part had fallen off the shower. No cats, no hob goblins, just house hold items failing.


There was no need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the waking world so I’d turned the alarm off. This made for a very relaxed entry into the day light. I wandering into the kithen and as I was in no particular hurry I prepared poached eggs on toast. My plan was for a long run this morning so I needed something inside me to keep me going.


The rain had stopped. This meant I could start my run. The clouds were still grey and the rain started about ten minutes into the run. It was soft summer rain that drops easily out of the sky. It was really quite pleasant to run in. I was happy that it began after I started running. Deliberately running in the rain is not something I do.

It had rained on and off though the night so the paths up to dry hill were damp. This is not a problem, what was a problem were the muddy patches crated by the horses. As far as I can see they are created when the horses break though the path and into the mud below, once that happened the horse traffic over them just makes it worse. The horses are not that keen on walking through mud so the avoid it making the whole mess larger. Eventually a muddy pool envelops the path waiting to suck in runners and walkers. This is of no concern to the horse riders as they are far away from the mud, they don’t have to go through it. They cause the problem but don’t have to suffer the consequences.

Across the road the airstrip and the field around it presented another problem, wet long grass. The weight of the rain had made the grass bow over the path, running through it was hard wet work. I was damp up to my tee shirt but at least it cleaned the mud off of my running shoes. By the time I got to the station I was damp all over but, surprisingly, I was feeling quite good so instead of taking the short route though the golf course I took the long route. It only added an extra kilometre but there was a lot of gradient in that short stretch.


I needed to make a cake, I needed to make some hummus and I was determined to have a return match with the Quinoa. This time I cooked the Quinoa in a lot less water, two parts water to one part Quinoa and the results were decidedly less grey. It was more on the brown side and looked a lot more appetising. My intention was to make a chicken and quinoa salad that I could have for lunch for the next few days. First though I needed to let it cool and attend to the cake.


The running caught up with me in the middles of the afternoon. The urge to lie down was too strong to resist so I gave in and went to bed for an hour. I see no point in fighting sleep when I don’t have to.


I’ve not been to my parents for dinner for a while as they have been away on holiday but the drought of home cooked Sunday dinners stopped tonight. It was good to catch up with their exploits, which included meeting an actor who had been on the television in a soap opera for fourteen years. My dad had him down as an actor type but offended him greatly by asking if he was involved in amateur dramatics. My Dad is good with those sort of comments.


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