For reasons that I really don’t understand my weight had not increased today. I ate a lot yesterday. I know that I ran a long way too but that shouldn’t counteract the weight of food waiting to be digested. I obviously didn’t eat enough yesterday.


I’m back to the scrambled eggs for breakfast after a weekend of alternatives. It’s just so easy to make and now it’s become part of my day. The great thing about the new job is that I now have time in the mornings to do things. This actually means the tidying up from the night before, but at least it is not being left for days on end.


Today was a day of teleconferences and meetings to try and get things moving. There are some seemingly major issues stopping my work from proceeding. I find it hard to get worked up and emotional about these things as it is the same on any project. Some people relish in the cut and thrust of the arguments but I really don’t. I know that it will get sorted in the end and that people like to think that they stepped in at the eleventh hour to save all the work and be toasted as the hero. That is not my job, my job is to tell those people when the 11th hour is and then let them do their stuff. Sometimes I feel that I’m living in a Dilbert cartoon.


Today was the first day of the quinoa and chicken salad, it tasted much better than last week’s effort and looked a lot better too. It didn’t feel very filling though.


It started raining on the way home. I saw the spits of rain on the train window. I did feel rather smug pulling my umbrella from my bag and striding home whilst several people sheltered in the lee of the station.


After a quick change I rushed over to the reservoir for a swim. The rain had cleared by the time I got there. The water was so warm that wearing a wetsuit was just uncomfortable. Apparently we have to wear wetsuits due to a bye law inserted by the water company, even the sailors have to wear a wetsuit. After swimming I had a chat with the organiser to decide what “wearing a wetsuit” actually meant. We decided that it actually meant wearing a garment made of neoprene. Using this definition I could get away with a pair of neoprene shorts. It turns out that this is what the sailors wear as well so if they can get away with in so can I. We can both adhere to the letter of the law


I didn’t get home till late but I was feeling hungry. I’m not too keen on eating this late but I had little choice. I prepared a little salad supplemented with some sweetcorn and tuna. I was still a bit peckish after that so I had some rice cakes and Hummus. It was nice and accompanied the cup of tea nicely. It didn’t however satisfy my hunger. The large chocolate bar that was hiding at the back of the fridge did. I felt no guilt in demolishing it in one sitting.


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