I knew it was going to be bad, there was no way that I could have had a meal like the one I had last night and not suffer the consequences. I wasn’t quite prepared for the scale of the consequences. Significantly over a kilo since yesterday, that was a lot of food resting in my system waiting to be digested.


I didn’t want to repeat Wednesday’s mistake and not have breakfast. I made my usual scrambled eggs on toast and washed it down with enough tea to float things in. I was hoping for an easy day.


I picked up a copy of the commuter newspaper this morning in the hope that it would entertain me for the journey. I was sorely mistaken and five minutes after starting it a gave up and started wishing I’d put a book in my bag as I had intended.


I revered back to couscous today, I’d mixed in a couple of spring onions a pepper and some chilli pesto. It was much more satisfying than the Quinoa of the past couple of days. I’m not sure I’ll be going down the Quinoa path again for quite a long while.


I got home to a surpise. My sister had left a birthday present on the kitchen table, a large bottle of brandy and a large bar of chocolate. My sister knows me well. I had to go out again so I didn’t have a chance to taste the chocolate. It was probably a good thing


I got home late, my intention was to have a quick cup of tea and then go to bed. It all went wrong when the chocolate started talking to me. Telling me how nice it would be to have a little bit with a cup of tea. One thing led to another and before long  two thirds of the bar was missing in combat. I did have a very happy tummy.


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