I’d had a rubbish night’s sleep. I felt that I’d been awake all night although in reality I’d probably woke up loads of times. I have no idea why I slept so badly. Needless to say I really didn’t want to haul myself out of bed.


I visited the scales for a bit of good news. I wasn’t disappointed I was back to the pre-birthday binge weight. This was good. Even better was the fact that I’d moved down a notch on my work trousers belt. Another sign that things are moving in the right direction


I go to the station near work and found that I had picked up last week’s ticket and not the one for this week. I felt a little stupid as I stood at the fares to pay window. It also made me late for work. I was not in a happy place when I sat down to the first teleconference of the day


My lunch was a Tupperware full of my giant couscous mix that I’d made last night. It was really tasty and filling, two things I expect from my lunch. I could have put a bit more seasoning in but as a first attempt it was quite good and a whole lot better than the Quinoa experience.


I had intended to go swimming tonight but then I realised I had some important things to do this evening. I looked at my plan and noticed that I’d not scheduled in a rest day until next Monday. That was an amateur error. Tonight will be my rest night. It might make up for last night’s poor effort.


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