The world was slow to come into focus this morning. I felt like I’d been running the evening before even though I’d just sat around doing very little. My visit to the scales revealed that I was back on the downward trend. It was only a little bit but it meant that the indulgences of last week had been counteracted by the relative austerity of the week so far. I celebrated with a bacon omelette. It was the last of the bacon so I will have to think of something else eggy for tomorrow.


I had to buy a new ticket today; I have two choices, get it from the machine or from the station master. I’m not that keen on getting tickets from the machine. I know that machines will always let you down in a moment of need. The alternative involves talking to the station master. He has some very strong views and a desire to share them with anyone who comes to the counter. Some of his views are at odds with mine but I have no desire to be taken down those particular conversational rabbit holes and potentially miss my train. All of a sudden I realised why the machine is so popular.


The conductors are on strike today, in practice this led to less crowded and punctual trains as many people decided to drive, work from home or take a day off. It certainly made my life easier.


There were less people at work today due to the strike. The main topic of conversation seemed to be how crowded the roads were. I didn’t think it was appropriate to mention my smooth trip to work.


I’d decided to go for a run tonight, nothing too taxing, just down by the viaduct and then back via the golf course. It still took me an age to adjust from coming home to getting ready and going out. The adjustment involved a cup of tea and a lot of hummus. Once I got started I really enjoyed it. I seem to have finally hit my stride as I’m now doing my runs significantly faster but feeling like I’m putting in less effort. I love it when that happens, it doesn’t happen that often.


After a small tuna salad I settled into a little bit of paperwork, I’m hoping that I’m on the last bit of this particular exercise as it seems to have been going on for ages. I sent it off for approval before curling up in bed.


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