Today was a day for the happy weight loss dance. I’d dropped to the next kilo and more significantly this one had a 9 at the end. I had lost a large amount since yesterday so this fluctuation was more to do with yesterday’s sweaty run that a couple of bars of lard peeling off during the night but that didn’t stop the celebrations, I ate my scrambled eggs with extra vigour this morning.


The trains were back to normal today, so crowded carriages and delays


In contrast to yesterday’s meetings where people were not available today seemed to be full of constructive meetings where things got done. I like those kinds of meetings. I feel that things are being achieved. I hate the meetings where everybody is guessing from a position of ignorance. I got to a lot of those types of meetings.


I’d promised myself a swim tonight and to make sure I went I’d prepared a bag and left it by the door, it still took a cup of tea and a bite to eat to get me out of the door and down to the pool. The pool didn’t look that crowded when I jumped in. Two lanes had been reserved for lane swimming and there were just enough people to make it tolerable. I was half way through my warm up when the lane seemed to fill with slow moving breast strokers. A little why later the reason became obvious: Aqua aerobics. The loud music pumped through the pool and at the other end a gathering of plump people bounced around in time. Despite the slow moving traffic and the pounding music I managed to complete a threshold set. It was helped by the population of the lane swimming section thinning out. By the time I’d finished there were only a few people in the entire pool. Maybe I should have appeared later

Cat Sick

The cat had left another present for me, lying there on the bedroom carpet. Sometimes I hate my cat


I was ravenous by the time I got home but a quickly prepared tuna salad solved that. I always find it amazing how satisfying a salad can be.



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