Given the amount of chocolate that I ate last night I was really surprised to find that I was the same weight as yesterday. Maybe the running had balanced it out or maybe the scales were faulty; whatever the explanation it didn’t matter. Unfortunately the euphoria of going below the zero last week wasn’t there as I was above the zero at the moment and have been for the last few days. I had a bacon omelette for breakfast, hoping that the lack of bread would help in the battle against the fat.

The Thing

I was racing today but I had a civilised start time. This gave me a few more hours to work on ‘the thing’. Dates were gathered and entered. It was still not finished but it was closer to the end. It had to be finished by Thursday.


I arrived at the race in plenty of time, registered and then looked about for something to do to fill the time between now and the start. The stall selling flapjacks seemed to be the ideal place to start. I’d also neglected to have lunch so I felt I needed something to keep me going. I’m not sure how valid that thought was considering all the chocolate I’d consumed last night. The Bakewell flapjack was a pleasure to eat. Bakewell tarts are one of my favourite things; Bakewell flapjacks are almost as good.


I was doing an aquathlon, a 1000 meter swim followed by a 10k run. There were a handful of others doing it was well. We splashed into the water, lined up for the start and almost immediately started. Most of the field seemed to disappear into the distance as I chugged round at my usual speed. Everything seemed to come together on the run. It was a flat course by the side of the lake. I seemed to find another gear and slowly picked off people ahead. The pain in my calf made its self known but it wasn’t bad enough to stop. At the end of the run I knew I’d given it all I could have. I was quite pleased. I was even happier when I found out my finishing position.


I drove straight to my parents for a Sunday roast and pint of beer. That is my idea of an excellent way to end the day. After the meal I promptly fell asleep on the sofa. That was the sign of an excellent weekend.


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