I woke to the morning pains in my legs; my heels were sore, this is relatively normal and goes after a while. The pain in the calf was a little more annoying. Walking down the stairs was a little comical. I’d not planned on doing anything physical today and that was a bit of a relief. I blundered round the kitchen and attempted to make a bacon omelette. I was suffering from that Monday morning feeling. It would take more than an extra cup of tea to get over it.


I’ve reverted back to couscous for lunch, this time I mixed it with a copped pepper and spring onion. I seasoned it with some balsamic vinegar. It tasted like crunchy balsamic vinegar with bits in. It wasn’t unpleasant but it could have done with a little olive oil.


I left work late because a meeting over ran. I knew it would and I was mentally prepared for a late exit. I hadn’t planned to do much this evening. The trains were delayed again, something to do with an electrical power failure early in the day. Even if I had left work at the normal time I would have caught the same train home. Sometimes this reliance on trains isn’t that great but it’s a whole lot better than driving


The hungers hit me the moment I stepped through the door. I needed food and I needed it right now. I whipped up a salad with new potatoes as centre piece. I’d over cooked the potatoes the day before but I wasn’t going to throw them away. They will be a watery feature of my evening meals for the next few days. I hid them under a small mountain of mayonnaise. That usually does the trick.

Cup Cakes

After a severe amount of procrastination that saw the kitchen cleaned to almost spotless I started work on the final part of ‘the thing’ all I had to do was enter 60 lines of dates and places and it would be done. The first years’ worth of dates flew by but then I felt “the calling”. Mum had given me some cupcakes and they were in the freezer. I have no qualms about eating frozen cake. The calling got so loud that I made the journey to the freezer far too many times whilst I was finishing off ‘the thing’.


‘the thing’ is done, I’ve paid a lot of money. There are still a few hurdles to jump but barring all the things that could go wrong, this time next year I could be in a very different place. I get the feeling I’m about to “make that left turn at Albuquerque” (my favourite bugs bunny quote and one I use to describe my life plan)


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