I woke feeling like I’d been pummeled all night long. I was shattered; it was probably due to the mental effort that had gone into completing ‘the thing’ and the fact that I was determined to get it finished last night.


The morning weigh in was not pretty, I didn’t expect it to be good but I’d gone above the 0 and the 1 on the scales. It was obvious what was to blame. Eating handfuls of frozen cake is not good for the waist line. Now I’m going to have to cut right back and let it work its way through my system.


I had an appointment I had to attend this morning which meant that I didn’t have to leave so early. I should have had a lie in but there was a pile of ironing down stairs that was looking at me accusingly. It had been there for a while and had grown over the last few weeks. Now was the time to deal with it. So I stood there in my underpants and and a fluffy jumper doing all my ironing. The feeling of satisfaction when I’d finished it was slightly over shadowed by the feeling that my life had become quite sad.


I caught the train to work after the appointment. As we passed one of the stations I noticed a man, dressed in a jacket and jeans, doing what looked to be a small commuter style exercise routine. Whilst we sat in the station he did a few sets of heel raises and followed it with a calf stretch. I would have been far too self-conscious to do anything like that


I had couscous again for lunch; essentially I had the same as yesterday except I had substituted the balsamic vinegar for green pesto. That made a world of difference. It was now tasty in a non-vinegary way. This was a small triumph, I will be having the same tomorrow, and probably the day after too.


I had vaguely thought about going for a run this evening. I was not going to do the club time trial even though it started a few hundred meters from my door. When I left the office it was raining, that washed away any thought of running. I follow my strict “never start a run in the rain” very rigidly. I could think of lots of alternatives but the most promising one for this evening was sitting on the sofa and doing nothing followed by an early night.

The Hungers

The problem with doing nothing is that it makes me feel hungry. I could ward off the hungers with glasses of water but that would have getting up in the night consequences. I found that mindlessly watching television didn’t help either. In the end I had a shower as this would have made the toast I was thinking about all soggy and rather disgusting.


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