The cake weight is slowly being shed or metabolised or whatever. The scales clearly showed this. I’m still above the 0 but at least I’m below the 1 this is a good sign.


I toyed with the idea of putting the washing outside whilst I made my breakfast omelette, I also toyed with the idea of having something else to eat in the morning. In the end I decided that it would probably rain at some point today and the only alternative a currently had in the house was muesli.


I’ve got into the habit of buying a large packet of crisps whenever my train is delayed, so far this week I’ve had a packet of crisps every evening. I really should stop this as it’s adding many calories to my diet, calories that I could get from much more enjoyable food sources. I choose the crisps as I feel that they are better that the chocolate bars on offer. That and they take me longer to eat than a chocolate bar


I have no idea when the rain started, sometime in the afternoon. There is a blind that obscures my view of the outside world from my desk. As home time came close I peered through to see people walking around holding umbrellas. It wasn’t heavy rain but it was wet. It was still raining as I walked home from the station. I had intended to go for a run tonight but the never start in the rain rule was about to be invoked


After stuffing my face with Hummus and rice cakes I headed to the pool. Wednesday night is aqua aerobics night but I was hoping that the rain would keep the lane swimmers away so that I could have the lane swimming side all to myself. I’d decided in advance that I wanted to do a threshold set, two hundred meter repeats at a medium fast but sustainable pace with short rests in between.  The pool wasn’t as crowded as last week which made things easy but my goggles picked now to leak. It took a while to adjust the straps to stop the leaking but that made them far too tight. I saw a definite case of goggle eye in the mirror after the swim. The goggles will be going in the bin soon.


I rounded off the day with a salad and a cup of tea before gently dozing off on the sofa.


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