The club swim sessions have reduced to one session on a Saturday over the next two months because the race and holiday seasons mean that there are less people in the pool. I was down for coaching this session, so I wouldn’t get a swim this time. I wasn’t too bother about this as I think a needed a non-work day rest. I never thing that I’m doing too much but the running, swimming and work all take their toll so it’s worth just having a pottering day every now and again

Food Shopping

After swimming I headed to the supermarket for the usual food shop. I’d made a list and I was going to just get the items on the list. The two bars of Milka chocolate where not on the list but they managed to sneak themselves into the trolley, It seemed puerile to leave them at the checkout so I paid for them. I really should give myself a good talking to about the use of chocolate as a diet aid.


I got back to the house and unloaded th shopping under darkening skies. It was going to rain, that much was clear. I needed to cut the lawn. The last few weeks of rain and warmth mean my grass had put on a teenage style growth spurt. If I left it any longer I would need a machete to find the far corners of the garden. I set to with the flymo. My garden isn’t that large and cutting the lawn doesn’t take that long. This was good as the first spits of rain started just as I finished.


The slugs like the recent weather; they have also been feasting on my French beans. They have devastated three plants. They have obviously seasoned them with chives as well. I don’t like putting slug pellets down as they are not very friendly to hedgehogs but I may indulge in some chemical warfare if the slugs carry on eating my meagre crops.


I needed to transfer money between accounts but my bank obviously thought I was up to no good and blocked my account. This meant calling them and being treated to an impression of security and then being read a script about scams. It was all very annoying and I have to wait until they do some more checks before the will unblock my account.


There was only one thing to do: bake. I really enjoy baking and as it was far to wet to go outside and tend to the garden I thought it would be the ideal time to do it. I started with some cupcakes, then a Madera Cake, this was swiftly followed by a ciabatta loaf and finally some sultana muffins. This was my first attempt at making muffins so I followed the recipe almost word for word. The mix made twice as much as I was expecting and I cocked them slightly too long but apart from that I think they were a success. The ciabatta on the other hand wasn’t quite right. I think the oven was a little too cool as it wasn’t really crusty enough. It tasted good though. After doing all this baking and with all the tasting that goes with it I wasn’t really that hungry. A few slices of bread was all I needed before settling down to listening to the stereo and falling asleep


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