Lie in

There is nothing quite like a Sunday lie in. I had nothing to get up for so I had turned the alarm off. I slowly came round but just lay there happy in the knowledge that actually getting up was completely optional. The cay of course noticed that I was stirring and decided that now would be a good time to do the bladder dance. I wasn’t that bothered, it was two hours after my normal getting up time and I was starting to come round to the idea that staying in bed all day was probably not the best thing to do today


After my breakfast of ciabatta and poached eggs I decided that the kitchen needed a bit of a clean. Actually it needed a lot of a clean. I filled a bucket full of water and started in one corner and worked my way round. It was all going well until I decided to pull some of the cupboards away from the wall. No one had done this for a very long time. I found a party invitation from 2008 lurking behind one cupboard and the debris from some decorating behind another. On the positive side I also found three pound coins, twenty seven pence in copper and a handful of euros. So it wasn’t all bad. By the time I’d finished and the kitchen looked slightly better than when I had started  it was lunch time. I decided on an emergency soup from the freezer and “accidently” followed it with a bar of chocolate. I felt a little stuffed after that.


After lunch I stripped the bed and put the bed clothes in the washing machine. Whilst they washed I did a little bit in the garden. I planted two spikey things in the front and weeded a few beds in the back. The problem with gardening is that it is never ending. Once you start there is awlats something else to do. This is why I try and limit my time. If I didn’t I’d be out there from dawn until dusk just fiddling about and not really doing anything,


After hanging the washing out I went for my weekly long run. The soup and chocolate were letting me know quite what a bad combination they were before a run by jiggling about in my stomach. This was not going to be a fast run. It was humid too, not the ideal conditions but then I rarely run in ideal conditions. As I was coming off dry hill I suddenly found myself running along by the turning for dark wood with absolutely no memory of the last mile. It was very odd. I actually had no idea how I got were I was and no recall of the preceding part of the run. I don’t think I fell asleep. Over by the airfield the long grass took its toll. It made running extremely difficult and tiring. I got to the path by the pond and found that it was so overgrown that it was impassable. I tried running round the other side of the hedge but that led to unexpected detour around the edge of a field trying to find a way back onto the route. It was fairly obvious at this point that this would be one of the slower but much more adventurous runs around this route

Cheese and biscuits

Normally I’m hungry after a run but today, nothing. It must have been the soup and chocolate. After a lot of fiddling about and busying myself with very little I thought that I really should eat something. Some cheese and biscuits did the deed. I sat in front of the television watching a bike race and worked my way through a little pile of biscuits, some cheese and some really tasty pickle. It was an excellent way to pass an hour.


Dehydration is a terrible thing and judging by the amount of tea I’d drunk after the run I was dehydrated. I can though, drink far too much tea. That’s when the last bottle of birthday beer started hinting that it’s time had come to be emptied. It made for a swift and sudden end of the day as the sleepy effects of the beer kicked in.


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