I’m still the same weight as yesterday and the day before. On one hand this is good as it’s almost the lightest I’ve been for a very long time but on the other hand I want it to go down just a little bit more so that I can hit my target of “being normal”. I wondered if I ate my scrambled eggs slowly they would release less calories


There was a woman on the train with braided hair, which in its self is unremarkable; she had tied it up in a bun at the back, which, again, is unremarkable. This thing that made me notice it was the fact that some of the braids had been bleached. This made the bun look like a giant arachnid sitting on her head.


My regular train was cancelled today, it wasn’t a big deal as the next train was along in twenty minutes. The big problem was that I had plenty of time to contemplate not eating crisps and the more I contemplated not eating crisps the more I wanted to eat them. It took fifteen minutes but I cracked and bought a packet. The packet was empty by the time the train arrived


I was only twenty minutes later than usual but that twenty minutes really played with my resolve to go running this evening. I had a cup of tea and then some Hummus on rice cakes. I still wasn’t in the mood. I got changed slowly and forced myself out. My heart wasn’t in it. I thought to myself that I’ll just have an easy run. Slowly I picked up the pace. I didn’t mean too, it just felt comfortable so I went with it. By the time I was half way round I realised that the sloth and lethargy had gone and it had been replaced with cheerfulness. I got round in record time breaking my old record by minutes. That’s not bad for a supposedly easy run.


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