Finally my weight has changed, whatever was holding my weight steady has been removed and it’s gone down a little. This puts me within half a kilo of being normal. The scrambled eggs tasted better for this knowledge.


The first form is finished. I put the last bit of information in this morning and sent it on its way. I didn’t feel strong enough to start the second form, even though it requires the same information, just in a different form. I checked a few other things instead. I feel like I’m actually using my mornings more productively now.


My “train book” is getting more and more dismal by the page. I was tempted to leave it on the train partly read and unloved. I didn’t but it was a close run thing.


The train was late again, three minutes late, and still I couldn’t resist the lure of a packet of crisps. I don’t even particularly enjoy them. They are a little greasy and don’t have enough salt for my taste, yet I still by the large pack and munch my way through them before the train arrives. Habitual behaviour, that’s what it is. It’s just like the small packet of Haribo I used to have after dinner in Germany.


There was no way I wasn’t going for a run tonight. I stuffed down a few rice cakes and a cup of tea, mainly because that is what I do when I get in from work. I started of at what I though was a steady pace. I had no intention of speeding round the route; in fact I muttered that much to myself when I started off. I went round on my usual route down by the viaduct and back via the golf course. I even met Jim coming the other way on the golf course. I felt I went round at a reasonable pace but not my fastest so I was quite surprised to find that it was my fastest route this route. I’m not sure what has happened recently, maybe I have actually got fit?


After I’d eaten my salad for tea I was still hungry. I tried diversionary tactics, I did the washing up and tided the kitchen. I was still hungry. I had a few oranges but I really didn’t fancy them. I then remembered that there were some sultanas in the baking cupboard. What’s more the packet was open which meant they were fair game. The packet was empty within minutes. I was less hungry after that.


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