I woke up to the sound and smell of my gaseous expulsions. It wasn’t big and it wasn’t clever but it did smell bad. So bad that the cat had decided to sleep down stairs. It might have something to do with eating only vegetables this week, or it might be because I’m an old wind bag. Regardless of the cause it did get me out of the bedroom quickly.


I’ve lost another one hundred grams and that makes me the lightest I’ve been for quite a long time. I didn’t have time to to the happy weight loss dance though as I was late out of bed and wanted to go swimming. I worked my way through a bowl of muesli and the left.


I didn’t understand the set as it was wriiten so I ended up doing a very long continuous swim, which isn’t what the coach intended but was what they had written. I enjoyed it but somewhere in the middle of the set I realised what I should have been doing. It was too late by then so I just carried on ploughing up and down.


I had a list; I was only going to get what was on the list. Somehow a pair of sun glasses and a few bars of chocolate infiltrated my trolly. I didn’t have the heart to leave them at the checkout. I’m sure that they will all come in useful at some point in the future.


I decided to do my long run today as I intended to go for a cycle ride tomorrow. I took my usual route over dry hill and back via the airfield and hospital. The path that last week was over grown was very overgrown this week. I didn’t even attempt to go down it. Instead I took the diversion round the side of the field and hopped over the fence. This was the route avoiding stinging nettles and brambles. Unfortunately the path up to the bridge was also surrounded by very large nettles. There was no way of avoiding them. Just to add to the agony there was some sticky weed treaded in with it. This pulled the nettles toward me and covered my legs in stings. I was not happy about that.


I had a stir fried vegetables with egg noodles for tea but they didn’t seem to do the job. I could hear the call of the chocolate and after minutes I succumbed to its flavoursome delights. I felt no guilt what so ever.


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