Cat Sick

Getting out of bed this morning was a struggle, the accumulated fatigue of swimming, running and cycling over the weekend conspired to pin my limbs to the sheets. The cat finished the job by sitting squarely on my shoulder. I wasn’t until the cat started the tell-tale reaching that announces she is about to empty the contents of her stomach on the nearest piece of linin that I bust into life, launching the cat on to a much safer and easier to clean place to be sick.

Not Normal

Yesterday’s calorie output had been more that balanced by the amount of food I’d consumed. I was now back to my pre-normal BMI weight. I wasn’t that surprised; the dip down into normal territory had been just that, a dip. Hopefully if I continue along the path I’ve been taking I’ll make a slow decline into normal rather than a sudden drop.


This week I have decided to alternate between bacon omelettes and scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast in the hope  of a little variety. Today it was the turn of the omelette to satisfy my breakfast desires. It was a very nice omelette too. I accompanied it with two cups of tea because one wasn’t enough to raise my energy levels to something approaching normal.


There was a one minute delay on the homebound train today, this really wasn’t enough to justify a packet of crisps no matter how much I wanted to dive into a packet. Is it possible to have withdrawal symptoms from packets of crisps? When I got home I stuffed my face with rice cakes smothered in apple jam. This probably wasn’t a good idea but the lack of crisps needed something to compensate.


I set my mind on a swim in the reservoir. The weather was dubious but it wasn’t actually raining when I set off. When I got there I found that the club was having a coached session. This was good as no one would be swimming round the big loop. I felt like I had the whole lake to myself. It was a magical feeling swimming through unruffled water on an undisturbed lake.


I shouldn’t have bought the chocolate in the first place, but now that I had it was living in the fridge and being very loud. I saw the swimming as justification for eating two thirds of the bar. It tasted beautiful but was probably no good what so ever for my waistline


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