I’d gained a hundred grams since yesterday, it couldn’t have been just the chocolate that caused that. There had to be some other reason. I ate the rest of the chocolate whilst contemplating this point. I won’t be doing that again as it made my scrambled eggs taste odd.

The book

I’ve nearly finished the dreadful book. Just as it started to look like there would be some light in the story it went back into the realms of darkness. I’m going to have to find something a lot more to my liking to counteract the loathing I have for this book.


It seem like today was filled with endless unproductive meetings, loads of them stretching into eternity. It was a struggle to stay awake.


The train was late again but I avoided the temptation to eat crisps. It was hard because I was tired and when I’m tired I get hungry. I sat on the train regretting not buying crisps all the way home.


The rain started about halfway home and helped make my mind up, I wasn’t going to go out time trialling tonight. Instead I would potter around and have an early night. I was that tired

The hungers

The salad didn’t really hit the spot. I still felt hungry. I resisted the very loud voice of the chocolate in the fridge but the whispers of the cupcakes in the freezer lured me from the path of weight loss and on the journey to guilt


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