Revenge of the hungers

It wasn’t a surprise really. After last night’s cake orgy I was expecting my weight to have gone up. In fact I was surprised that the cake weight wasn’t greater. It just meant rhat I’d have to be a bit more careful today, let all the cakey goodness pass through and hope that the effect s would not last too long.


I realised that I’d not packed my spoon as I was walkimg to the station. This was going to make eatimg my lunch tricky. I’d prepared couscous mixed with a chopped sweet pepper and salad onion and flavoured it with sundried tomato pesto. It was not something I would want to eat with my fingers. The hunt for a spoon started at lunch time. I checked all the kitchen draws but found nothing. I glanced over peoples desks and found nothing. The guy that sits next to me asked me what I was doing, I replied “spoon hunting”, “oh!” he said, opening his drawer, “you only had to ask”. His draw was full of spoons packed in cellophane. I didn’t ask why. I was far too hungry and very relieved.


The train was delayed again. I get the feeling that it always is. I resisted the urge to buy crisps as it would mean breaking into a big note and I didn’t want to do that. All I could think of was crisps all the way home. I got home hungry and instantly devoured some tinned mackerel fillets on rice cakes. That made me feel a lot better.


I needed a run this evening. Today’s work had consisted of sitting in a room with five other people listening to other people speaking heavily accented English and asking questions that they should have known the answers to, frustrating is one word that could describe the experience. I just wanted to let off some steam and run. I had no particular goal in mind. I didn’t think fast or slow, I just wanted to run and think. Later I found that it had been a fast run, within a few seconds of my fastest ever time on that route. That didn’t matter, I felt as if the annoyances of the day had been cast aside.


It was a very nice tuna salad; it just didn’t fill me up. I followed it with a couple of oranges. They didn’t work either. I left it a while, just in case my stomach had a delayed the “I’m full” message to the brain. After clearing away and washing up I was still hungry. I spotted the bar of chocolate in the back of the fridge as I was getting the milk for a cup of tea. I’ll just have a few bits I thought. It ended badly. The wrapper is still in the fridge to act as a warning.


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