I felt like the night had gone in the blink of an eye. I know that I’d been asleep but it felt like minutes instead of hours. This is why I don’t like working late.


I was cruising today, only the things that needed to get done got done, everything else was put in the “too hard” pile. After yesterday’s marathon session I was not in the mood for doing too much.


The train was delayed, I lost the battle of wills, I succumbed to the lure of the big packet of crisps. I felt no guilt.

Grave yard

I pass a grave yard on the way home, tonight I there were two people in there, a woman and a young girl. The young girl was jumping over the graves heading towards the woman. Each time she jumped across a grave she apologised to the incumbent.


I’d planned to sit on my bum in front of the television this evening but as I’d missed my swim yesterday I felt that I really should do something a little more active. After a cup of tea and something to eat I headed out on my usual run down by the viaduct. I thought I was going slowly but the watch told a different story. I’m going to have to admit to myself soon that I’m now back to fitness and all that means.


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