My alarm wasn’t on but when I woke up and opened by eyes it was my normal getting up time. I closed my eyes and opened them again, it was then two hours later. That was a much more suitable time to rise on a Sunday.

Under normal

I was substantially lighter than yesterday this morning. If I was normal yesterday does that make me sub normal today? I’m sure the dramatic weight loss is all about dehydration and very little to do with my sporting activities being fuelled by lard but I can dream. I did do the happy weight loss dance as I prepared my poached eggs on Ciabatta bread.


After breakfast I pottered about, I cleaned the bedrooms in a half-hearted way but mainly I sat on the sofa drinking tea. This was a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.


I headed out on my normal long run over dry hill and round the airfield. It was hot and humid today and by the time I had got to the airfield I knew that it was going to be one of those runs. I has drenched in sweat and I could feel the energy draining from my legs. As I ran over the freshly cut fields I felt my body giving up. I resorted to period of walking. I had to keep going forwards so that I could get back home. I cut four kilometres from my intended route and ran/walked home. It happens sometimes and I just have to accept it. Sometimes my body cannot do what I want it to do. It’s usually very obvious why and today it was dehydration. I don’t normally run with a drink and I didn’t today. I was incredibly thirsty when I got back, I must have downed a litre and a half of water before heading for the shower. I weighted myself before stepping into the shower and I was a good kilo and a half lighter than this morning. I had a lot of water loss to make up.


Usually I go to my parents for Sunday dinner but this week they were going to a garden party so I was left to my own devices. This means only one thing: Pie and chips. I’d bought the pie and chips in the supermarket yesterday and I’d been looking forward to my dinner all day with a childish delight. It was worth the anticipation; every now and then I love a good solid pie and chips. The pie was a proper pie, meat totally encased in pastry and the chips were nice and crispy. I added some vegetables as well just so the plate looked vaguely healthy. I ate it all in front of the television and followed it with a large helping for Strawberries and Crème Fresh. I felt truly full. It was a very nice feeling.


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