I’m still substantially under the target which considering I stuffed chocolate and crisps into my body yesterday is quite amazing. How long to I have to stay at this weight before it becomes normal? I was too drowsy for the happy weight loss dance this morning so I celebrated with a bacon omelette instead.


I arrived at the station to be told that all the trains had been cancelled due to a signalling fault. That news didn’t fill my heart with joy. The announcement said that there would be a rail replacement bus service but that there would be a “considerable wait”. I wasn’t too sure what to do but as no one else was moving I stayed put. I few minutes later my normal train arrived, on time. I’m not sure what happened there, I was preparing myself for “working from home”.


It was hot outside, not that I knew as we had been instructed to keep the blinds closed to keep the building cool. I really would have liked to have seen the outside world but the powers that be didn’t want me to.


Yet again my train was delayed, this time by twenty minutes and this meant crisps. I can’t seem to stop the urge, maybe if I didn’t have any money with me…

Time Trial

I had intended to take Gracie time trialing tonight but the twenty minute delay put pay to that, I didn’t have enough time to get to the start, even if I drove. I made up for it by drinking tea and doing my German homework. I probably needed the rest anyway


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