My brief visit to the world of the normal has ended, I’m back in the world of the overweight. It could have something to do with last night’s chocolate extravaganza. It’s only a few hundred grams into the zone but it’s in there none the less. There was no happy weight loss dance this morning whilst I made my scrambled eggs on toast.


I was babysitting a new collection of managers from the head office today. They are all new to the project so they all want to “get up to speed” and “make a difference”. I gave them the standard patter and pushed them in the direction we needed to go. I heard all the same words back: “work as a team”, “cooperation” and “managing the messages”. All this really meant was that they were going to do exactly the same as their predecessors. This normally boils down questions I ask coming back to me to answer. It all has a certain inevitability about it.


The train home was on time today. I celebrated by buying a packet of crisps. I really must do something about the packet of crisps per day that I’m consuming at the moment.


I had a German lesson this evening. It went reasonably well mainly because I’d done my homework. I was tired and a lot of it was a little lost on me. Learning German is like most things, the more you know the more you know you don’t know.


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