I’m back in the world of the normal again after my brief excursion into overweight. I’m in by one hundred grams but at least I’m the right side of the line. It didn’t warrant the breakfast time dance as I was only going back to a place that I’d been before. It did make my bacon omelette taste better though.


Saturday morning is swim training and as usual I was there in the water ready to set off. The swim set was much more to my liking than the one last week. It had lots of short repeats at threshold pace. That sort of set suits me down to the ground.

Cat Food

I had a very short list for the supermarket this morning, it was mainly fruit and salad vegetables. I also needed to get cat food. I’ve been giving the cat dry food for the last few days and she is not so keen on dry food. She has been trying to persuade me that I really should give her the wet food. Her tactics include: giving me the evil eye, staring pathetically at the food cupboard and trying to lead me into the kitchen. All of these tactics failed mainly because she had the last packet two days ago.


I had some bananas that I’d hadn’t eaten last week. They were going a delightful shade of black and felt rather squidgy. This means one thing and one thing only: Banana Bread. I don’t make it that often as I can quite happily eat my way through a bunch of bananas but sometimes there are some over and I hate putting usable food in the bin. Whilst I was in a cooking mood and the oven was on I also made a couple of focaccia. To fill the waiting bits of the process I knocked together some Hummus as well. I had all the ingredients so it seemed a waste not to. I do like a bit of baking at the weekend: chemistry you can eat.


It was too hot to run so I decided that the garden could have some attention instead. I’m slowly working my way around the flower beds removing anything that looks like it doesn’t below. I wouldn’t call the process weeding as I have no idea which are weeds and which are the cultivated flowers. I just remove the ones that look like they are self-seeded or that don’t look pretty.


The temperature had dropped to a reasonable level by late afternoon so I went for a run. I didn’t want to run quite as far as last week as I was conscious that it was still hot and that dehydration was a real possibility. I settled on a route and headed off. It took me along a few paths that I rarely run down, one of the paths was nettle infested and left my legs stinging like crazy. After dropping down from dry hill I heard bells in the woods. Quite substantial bells, not as deep as cow bells but not as high pitched as cat bells. I didn’t hang around to find the source of the chiming, it could have been something big a viscous.


My reward for being alive and awake this evening was pie and chips in front of the television. I followed it with strawberries and cream. I felt that all in all today warranted it. The Weissbier was a little indulgent but then it was alcohol free and this is Saturday night.


After dinner and a suitably long sit down I salved my slothful conscience by doing the ironing. Where did the  wild years go? Saturday night never used to be about doing the ironing, having a cup of tea and going to bed.


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