I was dreading standing on the scales this morning, I knew it would be bad and I was certain that I’d be back in the land of the overweight but I wasn’t prepared for quite how much weight all that food added up to. I’d gained just under two kilos. It’s at this point I start saying things like “I’ll never eat again” whilst making my breakfast omelette. In reality I knew a lot of the weight was just “passing through” and that after a few days of sensible modest food intake I’d be back to where I should be. These thoughts didn’t help me much though as now I was back up there in a world I thought I’d shed.


I’ve had a series of very frustrating meetings today. The first was occupied by someone I refer to as “the clarifier”. They are the sort who apparently hear every that is being said but who don’t actually listen. They are easy to spot as they start their sentences “Just to clarify” and end it by restating something that has been said multiple times. I’m not sure why they do it, especially when someone has clearly explained something. Maybe they just have a need to talk. I do start yawning loudly at this point and I’m quite glad the meetings I have with this person are over the phone. He can’t see me falling off the chair or mouthing obscenities at him. The last meeting of the day was even more frustrating, the person I was talking to seemed to think that their processes covered my work. They patiently didn’t but they remained oblivious to this trivial detail. When the answer to most questions is “we can modify it to do that” I know it’s not suitable and I have almost zero desire to fix it.


The train was late but I resisted the crisps. The solution was easy, don’t have any cash. That way even though the desire was high the means were no existent


After a quick cup of tea, I headed to the lake. I needed a good long swim to empty my mind of the day time thoughts and fill it with waterborne thoughts. A large circuit had been marked out and the conditions were almost perfect. Blue skies about and clam waters below a setting sun. I headed out and just kept swimming until my arms ached and my head was empty. Unsurprisingly I was the last one out of the water. I had to get out, my swelling bladder was at busting point and I wasn’t about to wee in the water whilst wearing my neoprene shorts.


I was in two minds about having tea tonight. On one hand I was a little hungry but ion the other I was tired and lazy. In the end I made a small tuna salad, it disappeared in seconds and woke my inner hungers. I beat them down with fruit, there was nothing else edible in the house.


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