Waking up was not easy today. I really wanted to lie there and stay asleep but the alarm had gone off and staying in bed would set a dangerous precedent. Eventually and without the aid of the cat jumping on my bladder I hauled myself into the vertical. I fought the desire to just flop back down and headed downstairs via the scales. The dinner party weight was being shed, not quickly enough for my liking but the numbers were less than yesterday. That news made the scrambled eggs taste better,


I should have done my German homework on the train but I read a magazine instead.


Today was virtually meeting free. This is a good thing as I don’t have to listen to other people not listening.

Mobile Phone

It turns out that my mobile phone hasn’t been receiving texts and phone calls for the last few weeks. The fact that I’ve not noticed says a lot about the number of calls and texts that I send and receive. After a bit of playing about to prove it really didn’t work and more fiddling about to try and get it to work I resorted to switching it off and on again. It now works but I don’t really trust it.

Time Trial

I got home with enough time to spare to go to the time trial and it wasn’t raining. I’m working towards getting around the course within a certain time, I just missed out last time but I felt that tonight was the night. The cycle ride of a week ago had given me some confidence that I’d hit the first of my targets. I started well but it didn’t take long before I was passed by my minute man. He did go on to win with the fastest time so I wasn’t that surprised that he passed me so quickly. I kept the trike in the high gears and kept pushing the peddles. It felt fast. I wasn’t passed again until I started the second loop, this made me happy. I got passed again on the finishing straight and felt that I’d managed to hit my target. The timekeepers watch told a different story, I was 54 seconds off. I’ll have to try again next week.


On the ride back I started thinking about my gearing. Gracie’s gearing is low and this might be limiting the speed I go, or conversely, I need to peddle faster. I feel a spreadsheet coming on.


I have an avocado that needed eating so I incorporated it into a salad. The problem was that after the exertion of the time trial a salad seemed inadequate. Despite all my good intentions on Saturday a bar or two of chocolate had found their way into my shopping, one of them found its way into my digestive system. It tasted good, I felt I’d earned it.

Body Spray

I had a shower and couldn’t be bothered to get dressed again. I sprayed myself with body spray purely because I had some sitting in the bathroom. It smelt the same as my deodorant.


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