It was so hard to get up this morning, the accumulated fatigue was starting to pin me down to the bed. I’m not good at the best of times but this morning was special. At least my visit to the scales showed that my bar of chocolate had had no effect on my weight. I ate my scrambled eggs on toast knowing that I had a few hundred grams to go before I was back in the normal regions of BMI.


I sat next to some bilingual children on the train this morning. They switched between English and French with an envious ease. It made me quite giddy.


Mr. Clarify is in the office today. His pass wouldn’t work and I wilfully ignored his attempts to attract someone’s attention, I felt slightly guilty about this but the feeling went away when he started to ask me to “Clarify my position…”. Then I wished I’d left him outside for longer.


I avoided the crisps by not having any cash but this meant that I was hungry by the time I got home. My usual stop gap measure is Hummus on rice cakes but I’d finished the last of the Hummus yesterday. I used Blackberry Jam instead. It tasted wonderful but I somehow think that the calorie count was heading skywards.


I was determined to go for a run tonight although the determination didn’t make me get changed any quicker. I went over my usual route, past the station, down by the viaduct and back via the golf course. There was a little bit of muzzily rain in the air but not enough to really be called rain. I was probably wetter from the sweat than the rain. It seemed quite a sedate run but my watch told a different story. It told me that this was the fastest I’ve ever done that route (and by ever I mean since I bought the watch a few years ago). I’m starting to wonder if it’s the weight loss that is having this effect? I remember reading somewhere that someone had calculated the probable speed gains per pound lost but I’m far too lazy to go looking for it.


After getting cleaned up I threw a tuna salad together. It was nice but I needed something else. Actually it was more of a want that a need. I wanted the last bar of chocolate that was in the fridge. I resolved to just have half to satisfy my craving. I could do it, and leave the other half for tomorrow.


I had to go to my sister’s house to bring in the bins. It wasn’t far but it was more than striking distance from the fridge. The problem was that when I got back the chocolate was still there but now it was in an opened packet. An open packet means fair game. I had half I still managed to leave some in the fridge.


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